April Fools Day 2013

April Fools…

April Fools‘ | Psychology Today


Go ahead, laugh—it bolsters immunity, relieves stress, alleviates pain, and boosts mood.

Quick and EVIL April Fool’s Pranks

Level up your April Fool’s game. Let’s get evil and really mess with our friends and family this April 1st. Here are 7 nasty tricks to play on anyone. Don’t …

Round Up: All of Google’s Jokes for April Fools‘ Day 2013


Here is a a list of everything Google is doing for April Fools‘ Day 2013.

April Fool’s Pranks – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Jay gets the masterminds behind viral pranks to come clean! Subscribe to The Tonight Show for more Leno: http://full.sc/IbG1mW Watch The Tonight Show Weeknig…

Google Fakes a YouTube Shut Down in Early April Fools‘ Gag


Google, getting a headstart on the annual tradition of April Fools‘ pranks, declared that the YouTube would be shut down at the stroke of midnight.

5 Crazy Pranks To Play On April Fools Day! Part 4

HouseHoldHacker – http://youtu.be/_rg3ak8SFZc My 2nd channel http://www.youtube.com/user/origami768 My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CrazyRussianHa…

Google starts April Fools‘ early with Google Maps ‘Treasure’ layer


Google has gotten into the spirit of April Fools‘ a bit early with its new “Treasure Map” layer in Google Maps and a video suggesting YouTube will close tomorrow.

Annoying Orange – April Fool’s Gold (ft. Liam The Leprechaun)

MERCH: AO TOYS! http://bit.ly/AOToys T-SHIRTS: http://bit.ly/AOatKohls iPHONE/iPOD GAME: http://bit.ly/KitchenCarnage iPAD GAME: http://bit.ly/KitchenCarna…

Gmail Blue April Fools‘ Day 2013: Prank Focuses On The Future Of


In an effort to bring electronic communications into the 21st century, Google’s team of developers has reportedly spent six years working hard to color your email experience. Described as beautiful, fast and powerful, Gmail

Top Ten April Fools Pranks

Upload your pranks to Break ALL APRIL and earn up to $1000! Click the link for more info. Paranormal Roommate Prank 0:15 Gorilla Makes Girl Go Bananas 1:14 …

4 Best April Fools Pranks

http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=jlaservideo Click here to download the Mac prank app http://goo.gl/AB6Ct This is a video with all my favo…

10 Easy Pranks To Do For April Fools Day

This is a list of 10 of the best easy pranks anyone can do to trick their friends or family on April fools day. ENJOY! Twitter http://twitter.com/funnymenow …

The Warhound is BACK! Blizzard’s April fools joke 2013

The Warhound is BACK! Blizzard starts a comeback for the strong terran beta unit as an April fool’s joke! Good job Blizzard, was fun seeing the warhound back…

Football Gameplan’s 2013 April Fools NFL Mock Draft

Football Gameplan’s 2013 April Fool’s Mock Draft.

Guild Wars 2: April Fools Day (2013) Character Selection Screen Music

The 8-bit chip tune you will be greeted with on 1st of April 2013 in Guild Wars 2. Prelude to the Super Adventure Box event for April.

The History of April Fool’s Day

Jon asks a question and gets one hell of an answer. Prepare yourself for the wildest explanation of history yet. Source: “April Fools’ Day: Origin and Histor…


who needs april fools my entire life is a joke

Sunday, March 31, 2013 7:38:52 PM


RT @OnlyTaj_: Today is April Fools Day. Believe nothing and trust no one like any other day.

Monday, April 01, 2013 5:49:40 PM

Unidentified Object SUN 2012. Unbelievable NASA Alien Anomalies Hidden In Plain View. P1 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2 here : www.youtube.com I was watching SDO SOHO observatory videos on SOHO site sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov and i checked this file more carefully and this is what I found on this clip. There is over 30 still images and it’s not even all what I found there. These UFOs are orbiting…

Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad

The fascinating story of a friendship, a lost tradition, and an incredible discovery, revealing how enslaved men and women made encoded quilts and then used them to navigate their escape on the Underground Railroad.  

“A groundbreaking work.”–Emerge

In Hidden in Plain View, historian Jacqueline Tobin and scholar Raymond Dobard offer the first proof that certain quilt patterns, including a prominent one called the Charleston Code, were, in fact, essential tools for escape along the Underground Railroad. In 1993, historian Jacqueline Tobin met African American quilter Ozella Williams amid piles of beautiful handmade quilts in the Old Market Building of Charleston, South Carolina. With the admonition to “write this down,” Williams began to describe how slaves made coded quilts and used them to navigate their escape on the Underground Railroad. But just as quickly as she started, Williams stopped, informing Tobin that she would learn the rest when she was “ready.”   During the three years it took for Williams’s narrative to unfold–and as the friendship and trust between the two women grew–Tobin enlisted Raymond Dobard, Ph.D., an art history professor and well-known African American quilter, to help unravel the mystery.

Part adventure and part history, Hidden in Plain View traces the origin of the Charleston Code from Africa to the Carolinas, from the low-country island Gullah peoples to free blacks living in the cities of the North, and shows how three people from completely different backgrounds pieced together one amazing American story.

Microsoft Surface Tablet – Gizmo

Microsoft unveiled it’s new Surface tablet and it is pretty sweet! For the first time Microsoft will be handling it’s own hardware and software (kinda like Apple) in creating their own tablet that has raised the bar on everything else out there! The thing is powerful, sleek, and fast! Surface is thin, light and it has a great battery. At 9.3mm, Surface for Windows RT is just thin enough to still sport a full sized USB port. Print, share, or charge your phone on the go! Surface has a 10.6″, 16:9 widescreen HD Display. Microsoft’s ClearType HD Display technology delivers a great picture for movies. An ultra-wide viewing angle makes it easy for your friends to share in the vibrant experience. The auto-adjusting screen intensity delivers great visual clarity, indoors and out. The addition of the Micro SD card slot means you can bring your entire movie and music collection with you on vacation. Surface has not just one, but two cameras. Use the front LifeCam to chat with the people that you care about. The rear-facing LifeCam is angled to 22 degrees so you can flip out the Kickstand and record meetings and events hands-free. Stereo speakers and dual microphones tuned for Skype help you sound like you are right next door. Surface was designed to be your go-to-device. It comes with a precision crafted VaporMg casing that protects the vital technology inside and leaves a high quality finish and feel. Touch Cover comes in five vibrant colors. Type Cover offers classic typing

ASUS Eee Slate B121-A1 12.1-Inch Tablet PC – White

12.1″ (1280×800) LED / i5-470UM (1.33Ghz) / 4GB DDR3 RAM / 64GB SSD / Windows 7 Professional (64bit) / 802.11BGN / 2.0M Pixel / Bluetooth 3.0 / 4 Cell Battery / TPM / Digital Pen / Folio / Bluetooth Keyboard / Computrace Ready / 1 Year North America Warranty