Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise: Once Again…And Not On “Love Boats!”

Nightmare at Sea: Carnival Cruise Liner Nears Port

Passengers recall worst moments stuck at sea on Carnival Triumph.

Another Day, Another Carnival Cruise Ship Reports Problems At


Yesterday we were shocked, simply shocked, to hear that yet Carnival cruise ship was having problems of the sewage-spewing nature. Passengers are scheduled to make it off the Dream soon without having to go through

Powerless Carnival Cruise Ship Heading Back to Port

Hellish stories from day four of a vacation gone wrong for thousands of passengers.

Carnival Flying Passengers Home After Another Cruise Failure


(CNN) — Carnival Cruise Lines will fly all passengers on one of its cruises back to Florida after the ship suffered a generator failure while docked in the Caribbean.

Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded in the Caribbean

A power outage has another cruise ship stuck, this time in port.

Carnival Cruise Line Shake Down Begins, And That's A Good Thing


Carnival Cruise Lines fleet of FunShips have plied the oceans of the world for over 40 years, enabling travelers to sample a variety of destination.

Reporter stuck on Carnival cruise

Reporter, Kris Anderson WREG, stuck on Carnival cruise with wife and two sons.

Make That 4: Another Carnival Ship Reports Trouble | KTLA 5


(CNN) — In yet another setback, Carnival Cruise ship Legend is having technical difficulties that are affecting its sailing speed, the latest in a growing list of woes for the travel company.

Troubles Continue for Carnival Cruise Ship Passengers

Documents signed by passengers to get tickets may prevent attempts to sue the company.

Another Carnival Cruise Ship Breaks Down, Overflows With Poop


carnival cruise ship poop stranded gross overflow caribbean turds yuck. Why do people keep spending hard-earned money and precious vacation days on these floating fecal containers?! Carnival Cruise Lines grossed out

Troubled Waters: The Carnival Triumph

After the latest cruise calamity, Matt Gutman puts the whole industry under a microscope.

Another Carnival cruise ship reports problems: Dream docked in St


A month after a Carnival cruise ship was stranded for five days in the Gulf of Mexico, another of its cruise ships is reporting equipment problems in the Caribbean.

Carnival Cruise Ship From Hell – Floating Petri – Dish – Passengers Degrading To Hoarders

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Another Carnival cruise ship experiences problems –


For the second time this week, Carnival Cruise Lines says one of its ships has experienced problems during a cruise.

Carnival's history of cruise nightmares

Is Carnival Cruise Lines jinxed or just hitting a rough patch at sea? CNN's Sandra Endo reports from Mobile, Alabama.

Carnival Cruise Power Malfunction Leaves Ship Stranded


Look, if you're on a cruise, there aren't too many things worse than hitting an iceberg. That still takes the cake, but there are some things worth avoiding, if you can help it. Like being dead in the water for days without power,

Expert: Carnival Cruise Trouble Won't Hurt Brand

The recent inconveniences experienced by passengers aboard Carnival Cruise Lines ships will not hurt the brand long-term because cruises have a loyal and gro…

After 'horrific experience' on Carnival Cruise Lines' Triumph last


The timing is certainly good: On a day when yet another Carnival cruise ship is said to be overflowing with sewage courtesy a “technical issue,” 17 Texans, including Tarrant and Henderson County residents, have sued the

Watch what really happen inside of the Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship (Raw Footage)

After five days without power in the Gulf of Mexico, the more than 4, 000 people aboard the Carnival Triumph returned home to the U.S., with many of them tel…

Carnival cruise line in more troubled waters

First, it was Triumph.Then, Elation.Then, Dream.And now, Legend. While those are happy names for cruise ships, some Carnival Cruise Lines passengers say thei…

Carnival Dream Reports Problems in St. Maarten, Sends


Carnival Cruise Lines made arrangements for passengers aboard the stranded ship Dream to fly home after the cruise ship reported equipment problems while docked in St. Maarten on the last leg of a…

Passengers: Power outages, overflowing toilets on another Carnival


A Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Dream became a nightmare for some passengers, a month after a fire crippled another Carnival ship in the Gulf of Mexico. Several Dream passengers contacted CNN, telling stories of

'Carnival Dream' becomes nightmare 'poop cruise' while stranded in


Passengers are reporting power outages and overflowing toilets on another Carnival Cruises passenger liner, the Carnival Dream. According to CNN, the Dream is docked at Philipsburg, St. Maarten, without elevators or


A month after Carnival Triumph's troubled cruise ended, 3 more Carnival cruise ships report problems.

Friday, March 15, 2013 9:30:08 AM


Carnival Legend cruise ship has sailing speed technical difficulties day after Carnival Dream power shuts off – @CNN

Friday, March 15, 2013 3:59:44 AM


ANOTHER Carnival cruise ship is stranded?! How are people still sailing with them?!

Saturday, March 16, 2013 12:38:20 AM