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Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook


The secret to successful word-of-mouth marketing on the social web is easy: BE LIKEABLE.

A friend’s recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement. In the world of Facebook, Twitter, and beyond, that recommendation can travel farther—and faster—than ever before.

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Losing My Hair | Matt Dean


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An Ember of Determination ( Wings Weight Loss Update )

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Running SUCKS! How to Run for Fast Weight Loss – For Busy Women Who HATE Running

If you want to lose at least one clothing size in the next 2 weeks using simple running techniques that take LESS than 5 minutes of running per day… then this new book by Jennifer Jolan (America’s #1 Weight Loss Queen) will show you how.

The book is called:

“Running SUCKS! How to Run for Fast Weight Loss – For Busy Women Who HATE Running”

However, unlike most books about running, this one is short and all “meat” (with no fluff or filler).

In fact, you’ll read it in less than 15 minutes.

And it’s perfect for busy women who want to lose weight fast, but who hate running and consider it a “necessary evil.”

There is no suffering involved with these running secrets.

  • No grueling long distance jogging (jogging and long runs are forbidden!)
  • And no special equipment is needed (you can do them from
    home if you want).

Here are some of the secrets you’ll learn inside:

  • How to burn fat… while you’re resting! (Not 1 in 1000 “fitness experts” knows the secret science behind this trick — but YOU will, and it’ll help you burn fat at nearly twice the rate you would normally.)
  • How to breathe during running so you automatically burn more fat and gain more energy at the same time. (Believe it or not, ancient medieval Samurai soldiers did this, and it’s why they were always in such great shape!)
  • A little-known way to lose weight while standing almost completely still! (Nothing to do with running, but it’s included as a nice bonus tip anyway.)
  • A special way of walking for just 20 minutes per day that can burn 5 pounds of pure fat off your body in just 2 weeks or less. (The good news is, this is easy… the bad news is, it takes 20 minutes per day to work.)
  • Why you should never jog if you want to safely lose fat and have a sexy body that’s the envy of your friends. (There’s a reason joggers have “stringy,” sickly looking bodies and unattractive breasts-it’s actually the same reason why running author Jim Fixx died of heart disease. Here’s a much easier and safer way to run instead.)
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  • And much more!

Again, a quick, fast read.

It’s NOT meant for hardcore runners or people who enjoy running.

It’s designed for women who hate running and are short on time, but who know how powerful running is for getting into shape.


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This bonus book is also short – for busy women on the go.

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No lectures on how to well good (this is for women who like to eat BAD foods like cheeseburgers and pizza!)

And no wasting time with fluff.

It’s also yours free if you buy “Running SUCKS!” today.

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Samba’s Hidary Says China `Crushing’ Solar Energy Prices

Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) — Jack Hidary, chief executive officer of Samba Energy, and Derek Scissors, a research fellow for economics at the Heritage Foundation, talk about China’s economy and alternative energy industry. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Power from the Sun: A Practical Guide to Solar Electricity

Easy-to-understand, accurate, and comprehensive, this is the guide for anyone interested in installing a solar electric system.

Power from the Sun provides a basic understanding of electricity, solar energy and the sun, and solar site assessment. It discusses the types of photovoltaics (PVs) and PV systems, advances in PVs, charge controllers, inverters, batteries, and generators, as well as the installation and maintenance of a PV system.

This book is written for the layperson and is designed to raise the solar electricity literacy of readers. It provides a great overview of the many options available and is designed to help homeowners make wise decisions during the design, purchase, and installation of solar electric systems—and save a lot of money.

Providing readers with the knowledge necessary to communicate effectively with PV installers, Power From the Sun is a great guide for homeowners, business owners, installers, architects, building department officials, utility company employees, and just about anyone else who wants to lower their energy bills or achieve greater energy independence.

Dan Chiras is president of Sustainable Systems Design, Inc., a residential renewable energy and green building consulting firm, and is director of The Evergreen Institute’s Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building, which offers workshops on residential renewable energy and green building. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author and has published twenty-five books, including The Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy and Power from the Wind.

Italy Debates Future of Solar Energy After Japan Crisis

April 18 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns reports on a debate in Italy over the future of electricity generation following the nuclear crisis in Japan.

Solar Revolution: The Economic Transformation of the Global Energy Industry

In Solar Revolution, fund manager and former corporate buyout specialist Travis Bradford argues–on the basis of standard business and economic forecasting models–that over the next two decades solar energy will increasingly become the best and cheapest choice for most electricity and energy applications. Solar Revolution outlines the path by which the transition to solar technology and sustainable energy practices will occur.Developments in the photovoltaic (PV) industry over the last ten years have made direct electricity generation from PV cells a cost-effective and feasible energy solution, despite the common view that PV technology appeals only to a premium niche market. Bradford shows that PV electricity today has become the choice of hundreds of thousands of mainstream homeowners and businesses in many markets worldwide, including Japan, Germany, and the American Southwest.Solar energy will eventually be the cheapest source of energy in nearly all markets and locations because PV can bypass the aging and fragile electricity grid and deliver its power directly to the end user, fundamentally changing the underlying economics of energy. As the scale of PV production increases and costs continue to decline at historic rates, demand for PV electricity will outpace supply of systems for years to come.Ultimately, the shift from fossil fuels to solar energy will take place not because solar energy is better for the environment or energy security, or because of future government subsidies or as yet undeveloped technology. The solar revolution is already occurring through decisions made by self-interested energy users. The shift to solar energy is inevitable and will be as transformative as the last century’s revolutions in information and communication technologies.

Solar Roadways: The Prototype

The Solar Roadways project is working to pave roads with solar panels that you can drive on. Co-founder Scott Brusaw has made some major steps forward since our first visit back in 2007, so we visited him again for an exclusive update on the project, including the first ever video recorded of the Solar Roadways prototype! For more information visit . This Solar Roadway project is highlighted as one of many planet-friendly solutions in the feature film by YERT – Your Environmental Road Trip. To learn more about YERT, visit http . Flattr this video here: And you can become a fan of YERT on Facebook here:

DIY Solar Projects: How to Put the Sun to Work in Your Home

Advances in solar technology have made many DIY-friendly products available to consumers, several of which will be hitting the market for the first time in 2011. These include solar water heaters, solar battery charging stations, solar powered lights, photovoltaic shingles that provide supplementary electricity, solar heat pumps, and solar panel kits that generate primary home electrical service. Among the step-by-step projects is a solar water heating system you can build and install yourself for under $1000; simple thermosyphon solar heat collectors for barns and outbuildings; or “heat grabbers” that you can fabricate for $50 in materials and position below a south-facing window to provide auxiliary winter heat.