Toenails Measure Toxic Exposure

Toenails Measure Toxic Exposure

Toenail clippings to measure toxic exposure in NJ –


GARFIELD, N.J. (AP) — The neighborhood looks exceedingly normal: single-family homes and apartment buildings packed together, dogs barking from postage-stamp-size lawns, parents hustling down narrow sidewalks to

Toenails Measure Toxic Exposure: Researchers To Test New Jersey


Hexavalent chromium, a metal used in industrial production that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coined a “well-established carcinogen,” has reportedly has been spreading under Garfield, N.J., putting roughly

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ABSTRACT A pilot study was conducted to determine the applicability of toenails as a biomarker of exposure to elevated environmental arsenic (As) levels. A total of 17 individuals were recruited for the pilot study: 8 residents

Toenail clippings to measure toxic exposure in New Jersey


THE neighborhood looks exceedingly normal but something with very dangerous potential lies below the surface, officials say. The residents’ toenails will provide confirmation. A plume of hexavalent ch.


Your toenails, please: Clippings to be used to measure human exposure to toxic New Jersey spill:

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Researchers turn to toenails to measure toxic exposure in N.J.: -BW

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Toenails being used in weird way to test for toxic exposure

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