Alsing Tubular Guitar Stand: Product Review

The Alsing Guitar Stand is a vertical electric guitar stand with all the key capabilities you’d look for in a top quality stand. It’s manufactured from quality materials and rugged enough to be utilized by professional musicians, but in addition affordable to ensure even beginners can easily own one and use it at home.

The Alsing stand is a tubular stand made of solid durable steel so that it’s built to final and built to be tough on stage or anywhere else. It comes in a black flat finish which looks razor-sharp and professional and is also lightweight for easy travel (read more about that later).

The stand uses a tripod base with Three legs which form the foundation of the stand, which also collapse when you’re prepared to transport it. The legs all have rubber stop caps to ensure the stand remains in place and doesn’t shift. Above the base is the major cradle to support your electric guitar.

The vertical portion includes a throat which is adjustable. You can easily adjust the peak of the neck to fit virtually any electric guitar, including a long-scale bass guitar. The cradle and the neck are both coated in soft foam so that all contact points with your guitar are safe from coming in contact with any steel, and such that there is no risk of harm.

Most musicians are on the move, therefore having a stand that can easily pack up and go along with other items is essential. The Alsing stand definitely fits this bill, since you can quickly fold up the legs, lower the neck, as well as fit it in a gear back or tuck it under arm and go. Despite being manufactured from durable steel, it’s a lightweight stand, also a travel bonus.

When you purchase an Alsing stand, you can put it together in minutes mainly because it basically comes in 3 principal parts. It took us all of three minutes to connect the base with the cradle and neck to get it all set to go.

If we have any criticism of the stand is the fact that we wish if 1) were available in more colors such as chrome or white and 2) arrived a multi-stand style. But we hear Alsing is already working on a multi-guitar stand type of this kind of stand.

Presently, you can find the Alsing Electric Guitar Stand on

So if you’ve been looking for a new stand for your electric, acoustic, or perhaps bass guitar stand, we suggest you try out the Alsing product and reap the benefits of its new release pricing!

Source by Dylan Vanland