Altai Brands Preferred Product Review

People who just like sweets can enjoy most any chocolate, but melt-in-your-mouth Altai artisanals are for discerning palates that appreciate flavor, texture and harmony. This premier chocolatier leads the edible industry with a variety of low- and medium-dose chocolates that include bonbons, lozenges, chocolate bars and truffles with luxurious swaths of color on the outer shells. Altai focuses on premium single-origin cacao seeds from South America, hand-selected vanilla from the islands of Tahiti and malted Mediterranean sea salt for an elegant, savory touch. Experienced chocolate makers then carefully blend the ingredients with the precision and flair of culinary artists.
Cypress Manufacturing Company, a California not-for-profit medical marijuana collective, produces Altai Brands in Monterey County, a historic area that formerly served as the 18th-century capital of The Californias. Just as a sweet shop transformed a repressed French village in the film Chocolat, Altai’s small-batch chocolates is transforming the way people in America think about edibles.
In a market flooded with edibles, Altai cuts through the noise by raising the culinary standard and redefining the edible as a gourmet confection. PRØHBTD visited the NoCal confectioner and takes a closer look at the process in this Preferred video.
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