Big Ticket to Wealth – Quality Investment or Ripoff Business Review

This review is about the new company called Big Ticket to Wealth that launched in Dec 07. There have been many programs that launched last year and Big Ticket to Wealth is one of the latest to hit the Internet.

Let’s take a closer look and see if indeed it is all that they say that it is!!

There are three ways that you can become a member of the Big Ticket to Wealth program. You can join at the National Product level for $797, or pay $1,197 for an Executive package. The top tier package is the Presidential membership which would require you to pay $1,997. Additionally, all members must pay a monthly Admin fee of $75 to carry the video presentation on their own company replicated website.

Payment Plan

The Big Ticket to Wealth compensation gives its Members 3 levels to choose from.. Direct sales commissions are paid to you once your website completes a sale and matching override bonuses paid to you from your downline!. Commissions are paid at $300 for each National product package, $500 for an Executive product package and $900 for each Presidential package. Commissions are directly paid to you on the $75 monthly recurring license fee. National members earn $15, Executives earn $25 and Presidential members earn $50 per month. You are directly paid the same commissions as with your own websites sales. As an example, a presidential recruit’s $900 commission would equal $900 for you as well.

***this has no passing up of sales. You earn money on the 1st person you sign up!! One of the big advantages over other programs where you pass up sales to your sponsor!

Negative aspects of Big Ticket To Wealth

With all these money generating programs the key is to ask yourself the following question about Big Ticket to Wealth

Do you believe in the program?

Do I believe that this is a program that others want.

Will this program be around

Who do I want to join with?

I have personally been in a few of these programs and the key to all of them is you have to market them and drive traffic to your site.

Join with someone you connect with..not with some hyped up claim that someone made 20k in 20days! sure that is possible but beware there is lot of misinformation on the Net about that!

Make sure they can assist you in your marketing endeavors!

Source by Stephen K Reynolds