Developing a 5 Star Reputation is more important than marketing your business. If you market online and drive people to your listings and all they see is negative reviews, you have wasted your efforts. Reputation must come first.
Hello, my name is Kelly Smith with The WebSmith Group and I want to welcome you to our online marketing training program.
Every day people look online for your services and products. Just go to Google, type in your business and your city—like “Dentist, Reno, Nevada,” “Chiropractor Sacramento,” “Electrician Chicago,” whatever it is you do type that in plus the city and you’re going to find searches done for that and you’d be surprised how many people are looking for these products or services. This is per month, mind you, everyday. Because this is where everybody goes, they don’t go to the Yellow Pages anymore, they go online and this is what they’re looking for.
Now, let me ask you a question, would you buy a product or service that has bad ratings and reviews? You’ve got to be honest here. So let me pose you a question. There are two products that are identical. One has 10 good reviews. Another one has 3 good reviews and 1 bad review, which one you going to buy? Obviously most people say the one that has 10 good reviews.
I want to welcome you to Reputation Marketing Training. You see, the most important way you can market your business is by your reputation. Your reputation is absolutely everything. The online marketing game has dramatically changed and your competition doesn’t know about it yet so it’s very critical. You are at a very pristine time to get on board with this and get your reputation up there were it needs to be so people can be attracted to you instead of your competitor.
Now go to this website, and you can find out right now for FREE what your reputation looks like. You can type in your phone number of any location of your businesses you have, type it in there and it’ll search all over the Internet and find reviews about you.
Now, remember what we told you, if you have negative reviews we want to deal with that right away, but if you don’t have any reviews, we want to deal with that too, because you’re not credible if you don’t have any positive reviews or any reviews at all, so we want to make sure that you have that.
Next thing you can do is CALL US TODAY: 775-722-4949 and let’s get started building a 5-star reputation for your business. Thank you very much, this is Kelly Smith signing off. Have great day.

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