Buy a Kindle – Detailed Product Reviews

Looking to buy a Kindle for yourself, friends, family or loved ones? The Kindle is really a high tech gadget even if you are technically challenged. The product's features, ease of use and overall design make this a "Gotta Have" for 2008 and beyond.

Do not let the size fool you! The Kindle is 7.5 "x 5.3" x 0.7 "and weights a mere 10.3 ounces.The compact design allows ease of storage in a purse, hand bag, brief case or back pack. It can store over 200 ebooks straight from the factory and with a small investment of a digital media card (2 MB) this number could double.

The Kindle is packed with the latest technology of a laptop; however, one third its' size. It operates, searches and downloads wireless over a 3G network (same network used for cell phones). Thus eliminating the cumbersome USB cords and frantic searches to find a WIFI hot spot. The real beauty is that there are no monthly contracts or costs involved for the wireless features. You can surf, search, shop, read and download items in basically any location that has cell phone service! You can search WIKIs (basically like an encyclopaedia internet site), read blogs, use the built in dictionary, view Microsoft documents, download books, magazines, newspapers and audio books all while on the go. There are currently over 190,000 available downloads as of the date of this article. You can sample the eBook for free prior to purchase. What a bonus!

The well planned design of the Kindle has numerous benefits. The high resolution screen called "electronic paper" amazingly resembles viewing an actual newspaper or paper paged book. The text size can be easily adjusted for tired eyes and there is virtually no screen glare to battle with. The Kindle preforms amazingly well in direct sun light while you catch rays by the pool. The Kindle can be operated in one hand and the QWERTY keyboard allows for fast typing for both right and left handed users. The well thought out ergonomic buttons and thumb scrolling abilities make page viewing fast and easy. The battery can be fully charged in two hours and should provide four to six hours of continuous use.

Here are a few tips to extend the battery life:

1. Turn the device off when not in use instead of just keeping it in sleep mode

2. Only turn the wireless feature on when actively downloading, searching or shopping on line. This will greatly enhance the battery life

I would recommend any user to purchase and extra battery when you buy a Kindle. They are very inexpensive and well worth it!

Source by Tim Markey