CLTC Consumer Preference Study

This video tours the experimental setup at the California Lighting Technology Center used to gather consumer preferences with respect to lighting product characteristics.

It is important to understand what colors, color temperatures and intensities building occupants prefer in their homes and work places, and to identify if those preferences are correlated to the end-use application. A plethora of literature is available regarding consumer’s lighting purchase preferences, developed through point-of-sale surveys and market sales data research. However, limited and conflicting research results exist on preference and/or performance considering lighting effects perceived by the consumer/occupant. Gaps exist with respect to consumer preferences for lighting over a prolonged period of time and in a contextual environment.

In addition, there is a large gap in research about how people interpret and imagine lighting information, and consumer awareness of residential LED lighting alternatives, which translates directly to purchase decisions and broader market adoption. Based on the gaps identified in the consumer preference literature review this consumer preference study focuses on four topics:

• Perception of color consistency
• Value of high color-fidelity
• Consumer expectations of lighting metrics
• Consumer interpretation of lighting product packaging

To address these research gaps, and provide an empirical foundation for consumer optimized product development, the research team conducted a series of laboratory studies designed to isolate the effects of visually perceptible lighting parameters and determine consumer preference for specific parameter values.

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