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This is a product review for Coclico Jory.

Hey Guys,

This is a Coclico Jory. Coclico is a french designer, they’re handmade out of Spain. Gorgeous leathers. The Jory, this style is my favorite from their line! Comes in 5 different colors! We just got’em in, in the nude. We have other colors in black, chocolate, nude, um– I don’t know all the colors; this is the one that just came in.

Sexy feminine high wedge. It’s about 3 inch wood stack wedge. Its just a gorgeous sculpted wood heel. Nice little entry here with a simple Velcro strap. That way you can adjust it to your instep on the foot. This thing is beautiful, sexy, feminine, rich, nice little narrow pointed toe. I think this is an aggressive fashion shoe. But also, I just sold it to my doctor that is wearing this one to her interview in Boston next week. So, uber conservative Boston, this is her suit shoe, as well. So, I love that; it can go both ways. You’ll see her here in a pair of leather shorts; you’ll see it on her, with a suit, and have an interview in Boston. The shoe run true to size, full and half European sizes so, 35-1/2 to 41. If your an American 8-1/2, you’ll get a 38-1/2. If your feet are a little wider, for the narrow toe, you wanna size up a half size, for a 39. Sexy, beautiful, very sophisticated, minimal, just real simple, it’s just very cool, very amazing. All leather, leather soles, nice little easy point here.

You’re gonna love these in your wardrobe, you’re gonna love’em with your outfits. They will stop traffic! We guarantee you for compliments. We guarantee you, stranger will go, those are beautiful; where did you get them?

So, remember if, you going to kick ass, you need kick ass shoes with Coclicos…Enjoy!

This was a product review for Coclico Jory.

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