Crosman 357 .177 Caliber CO2 Pellet Revolver Full Review – Crosman 357 .177 Caliber CO2 Pellet Revolver Full Review.

-CO2 Pellet Revolver.
-.177 Caliber Pellets.
-Up to 435 FPS.
-10 Shot Rotary Pellet Magazine.
-Single & Double Action.
-Replica of Colt Python 357
-Provided by Crosman Corporation for Review – Available at

This is a full table top and Shooting Review of the Crosman 357 CO2 .177 Caliber Pellet Revolver in the 6 inch barrel version. I show you around the Crosman 357 and also take it outside where I test it out on the Chronograph to see what it really gets for FPS. I also shoot it at a target from 30 feet out and show you my results!

Reviewing this fun Crosman Pellet revolver was a bit of a walk in the past for me. back when I was in my early teens I had one and it went with me on just about all of my back woods adventures. I’d have to say I learned how to shoot with this pistol and it felt right at home back in my hands after all these years… Back in the day I didn’t do any scientific testing with my Crosman revolver but I can tell you it shot hard and true then, just like it does now! I’m not sure why I held out so long getting another one, the price is right and if you are looking for a nice multi-shot pellet pistol with excellent accuracy and good power for well under $100, the Crosman 357 might just be for you.

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