Entryless: How To – QBO Classes

In this video, we’re going to show you how to use QuickBooks Classes with Entryless. Classes allow you to categorize your expenses, location, product line, or any criteria you need to be able to track.

Before you use QuickBooks Online classes with Entryless, it’s important to note that classes are only available in the Plus Edition of QuickBooks Online.

The Simple Start or Essentials editions of QuickBooks Online work well with Entryless, but if you want to take advantage of classes, you’ll need to upgrade to the Plus edition.

Here, we’re working with our demo company and we’ve got some bills that have been processed and are ready for review.
Before we review and approve bills, let’s take a look at how we’ve setup classes in QuickBooks Online. Classes are turned on and configured in the Company Settings section of QuickBooks Online.

Individual classes are setup in the Lists section of Quickbooks Online. Here, we’ve defined three locations where our demo company has offices. When we synced Quickbooks Online with Entryless, these classes were synced to Entryless, as we’ll see momentarily.
When we go to the Review and Approve screen, we get our list of bills that are ready for approval. Entryless identifies supplier names, dates, bill numbers, tax amounts, and bill amounts where it can.

If you’ve turned on classes in QuickBooks Online, you’ll also see a corresponding class column in Entryless.

We’ll select one of the bills on this screen, then assign it an expense account and a tax rate.

Entryless knows all the classes you’ve defined in QuickBooks Online, so you can select one of them here. We’ll assign this expense to our Seattle office.

Now that we’ve assigned this bill a class, we’ll go ahead and approve it. When Entryless syncs with QuickBooks Online again, the bill will sync and will get assigned the correct class to make managing your bills easier.

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