Food For Thought website

Every year Food For Thought offers an array of courses open to all our employees. They range in topic from ways to improve your credit score to training for a marathon.

The Food For Thought website was the client’s first move away from the traditional way they offered the courses – print media. Some advantages of a website were its easy access of listings through a browser and an initial one time cost that would lead to future savings.

Development Decisions: The website was developed using CakePHP because it makes building web applications simpler, faster and requires less code. We just needed a server and a database and off we went.

The principal reason for the site – staff browsed and signed up for courses – lent itself perfectly to a typical e-commerce model – the shopping cart website. Therefore we organized the navigation, information, functionality and interaction accordingly. We then provided the client with a CMS to manage the course listings and the staff who wished to attend, replicating the relationship of product and customer.

Two additions were a calendar and library. These functions were a natural evolution. The calendar provides another convenient way for staff to browse and pick. The library houses videos and podcasts of past courses for those who missed them or wish to review what they learned.

Everything is skinned and written in a clean and positive manner that brings levity and fun to the process of choosing a course.

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