Forskarfrukost 1:8 – “Printing the Future” with Olaf Diegel

The first of eight “Scientist’s Breakfasts” with Olaf Diegel. Check out future scientist’s breakfasts at

3D printing is coming of age. It is becoming a rapid “manufacturing” technology that will have a great deal of influence on how we live in the future. It will have a profound impact on almost all manufactured products, on how we do business, and on how we live longer and healthier lifestyles. 3D printing completely changes the design rules that designers and engineers have traditionally been ‘constrained’ by. By allowing us to now think differently about the products we design, it opens up a whole new range of opportunities for creativity and sustainability. It also allows inventors and entrepreneurs to get their products to market without the large capital risks of traditional manufacturing that becomes a barrier to innovation.
In this talk, we review the state of the art of 3D printing technologies and examine some of their current and future applications in the fields of art, engineering, business, and health. It is also important to separate fact from fiction so we also take a pragmatic look at some of the realities behind 3D Printing. We also discuss some of the social implications these technologies will have on design and on how we live, and examine some of the issues around how we need to start adapting today in order to be ready for the technology tomorrow.

Speaker is Olaf Diegel, Professor and Head of Division at Product Development, Design Sciences, Faculty of Engineering.

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