Henckels Knives Provide Quality Professional Knives for Any Chef

JA Henckels, a German company, is the largest manufacturer of chefs' knives in the world, beginning that same tradition in the US in 1883. The company makes a variety of cutlery for several price ranges, as well as kitchen gadgets, scissors, and flatware. Using quality knives makes cooking a delight. Henckel knives are of the highest knife quality possible.

The Henckel knives are known for their three-riveded, ergonomic handles which provide plenty of control and include a bolster that provides the balance needed for precise cutting. The Zwilling brand of JA Henckels produce high end, quality knives that will make any chef happy. Most of their knives are forged steel of a proprietary high carbon, no stain steel. Henckels International brand has been able to manufacture a quality knife that can be sold at an excellent value.

The features that give the Henckel knives their high quality and desirability include the following:

1. Precision: Any good product is made with precise workmanship. Henckel knives are crafted without joints, providing a seamless joining of the bolster and the handle.

2. Finish: The finish of the surface of the blade has been ground once and then refined, providing only top quality finishes on the surface of the blade.

3. Safety: The handle of the knives are crafted to allow for a secure and comfortable grip to prevent slipping. The blades are also ergonomically designed with the right weight for continuous use.

4. Durability: The blades are ground perfectly which makes them more resistant to corrosion and wear. In addition, the edge of the knife is shaped to provide a long edge retention.

5. Cleaning: While the knives are constructed to withstand a dishwasher, the Henckels company does not recommend dishwasher use. Instead the knives should be carefully hand-washed with a mild soap.

When using your Henckel knives, a sharp knife reduces the amount of pressure needed for cutting and reducing the chance of slipping. You should cut on a wood or polyethylene cutting board. You should always use the correct sized knife for the job.

Knives should not be left lying on flat surfaces with anything covering them and pointing away from the table or counter edge. Never reach blindly for a knife or attempt to catch a falling knife. Knives should not be stored loosely in a drawer.

Henckel knives as well as their knife sets are sold by retailers across the world as well as online by many.

Source by Jill S