How to enroll in 5 minutes over the phone

How to take someone from asking about an oil for “?” to a top ten kit…
2 minutes or less.

1. “What’s your goals – what would you like to accomplish with Natural Solutions…pain, headaches, digestive, stress, hormones, sleep? Tell me about yourself”
“Yes, we have oils for that, plus our number one product is our Vitamin kit which is key in helping with your biggest health goals you just mentioned- so keep that in mind whether you get that Now or later, it’s a must and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee”
(No need to tell them what or how- they don’t understand or care yet so stop explaining everything)

2. “Here’s the best way to get them at the best price – we have a great starter kit with our top ten oils that will makeover your family’s bathroom cabinet plus it’s perfect for you and what you listed (repeat what they listed so they know you were listening) (simple) Have confidence in your top ten kit.

3. “Would you like the Small bottle starter kit for $150 or Big bottle kit $275?” (Family Essentials is the small bottle kit, Home Essentials is the big bottle kit)

4. “What are you comfortable with?”
Stop talking and let them tell you. He who speaks first loses.
“Would you like to add on the vitamin pack that you need now?”

5. “Great – I just need to get your information- This gets you an exclusive account with us for Doterra where you’ll get everything at a discount and you will have your own user name and password to order on your own account online in the future. This package arrives within a week to your home UPS. ”

6. “What’s your info…it goes on credit or debit, please read your card to me…Here is your total with shipping (if you order in the future, you may get your shipping refunded, we can chat about that later and all the other perks at our follow up visit) Your total for that Family Essentials Kit is $157 (or whatever they buy quote them the exact price , add shipping and never qyote tax just say plus tax plus tax and an itemized receipt will come from doterra by email”

7. “Let’s set an appt for 7-10 days from now to review your oils in person or over the phone”

8. “I’ll get you added to our fb pages for support right away! ”

9. “If you have anyone else you know that’s interested, be sure to refer them to me and you get free stuff. OR, even better, it’s so simple, you just saw how simple it was, I can show you how to help your own friends and family get their own accounts and you get even more free stuff. Let me know how I can help with that. ”

10. “Talk to you next week, call me if you have any questions in the meantime!

11. If they are close, I deliver a “goodie bag” to them. Surprise and Delight your members for the best loyalty.

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