Ladies Waltham Pocket Watch – A Unique Gift Idea

There are many styles of ladies Waltham pocket watches to choose from. The most popular of which all feature 14K gold and the precision movement you have come to expect from a Waltham watch. Nevertheless, before buying one (especially online) there are a few important considerations.

In the 19th century, ladies used pocket watch instead of wrist watches. They usually put their watch in their bag made of cloth since that’s the styles for the ladies use to bring before. For them watches were very important since they are particular with time especially when going to work.

There are many kinds of ladies watches Waltham built with great designs and elegant to look at. Here are the names of the ladies watches Waltham produced:

  • 14 K Gold Vintage Waltham Ladies
  • Vintage Ladies Waltham 14 K Gold HC Pretty
  • Vintage Waltham Solid 14 K Gold Box Case
  • C. 1894 14 K Gold American Waltham Ladies
  • Antique Ladies Waltham Gold Hunting Case
  • Quality Heavy Weight Waltham 14 K Gold
  • Mint Carved 14K Gold Waltham Ruby Ladies
  • 14 K Gold Ladies Waltham Open Face Running
  • Ladies Antique Waltham 14 K Gold Diamond

There are many beautiful Waltham ladies pocket watches and some of it is antiques already such as 1907 ladies Waltham 15 jewels 25 year gold filled pocket watch.

For sure there are still many an antique Waltham ladies pocket watch that is left from their great grandmother. This type of watch is a great treasure and the price is also unbelievable since it is expensive. The quality of the material used is durable and it also has an elegant styles and designs.

Most of them are made of 14 k Gold. Some even has a diamond inside the watch. The watchmaker made these Waltham pocket watch with good craftsmanship.

Some Waltham ladies watches have 2 plates of gold sandwiched around with sheet of brass. All Waltham watches might be a ladies and for men have their own serial number and with embossed logo or engraved on it. To know that it’s an original Waltham.

Ladies now a day don’t use pocket watches but wristwatch and most don’t look for branded but for fancy looking styles with great designs and styles. But don’t the ladies know how valuable Waltham watches were before and also today’s especially too matured or to aged person.

There are some establishment want to buy Waltham ladies pocket watches and so other people like the collectors. Antiques are very valuable things to collectors. People know that most antiques has a great price to deal with and Waltham watches is one of the many known brand that are known worldwide for pocket watches.

There are also some establishment who repair them to make it run and to condition the Waltham pocket watches.

To know people who repair Waltham pocket watches, you go online through the internet. There are websites of some establishment who repairs different antiques watches like Waltham.

It is easy to access and convenient in time. You can also explore the different pocket watches of your choice through the net. Buyers for Waltham pocket watches are also available in the internet. There are establishment or people selling Waltham pocket watches on the net.

Source by Peter F. Scott

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