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Here we review the Muad-Dib (pronounced Maw-Deeb) by Magic Flight. Magic Flight makes the legendary Launch Box, so this is there first foray into the concentrate market. How does this device compare to the Launch Box? Is this a unit to replace your vape pen or your dab rig? Join us as we answer these questions and go over the specifics of the device.


0:31 Components of Unit

5:39 How to Use

6:58 Manual

7:18 Open or Closed?

8:29 Flexibility

9:05 Cleaning the Unit


11:33 Ease of Use

12:47 Hose

13:59 Battery Life

14:54 Heat Up Time / Low Temp Dabs
15:39 Taste

16:00 Size of Dab

17:10 Harshness / Smoothness

17:39 Smell

17:58 Orbiter Review

19:39 Cleaning the Orbiter

20:23 Ruggedness 

21:20 Efficiency 

22:11 Stealth Factor

24:08 Gripes

26:17 Final Thoughts

A special thanks to Joe at Magic Flight for sending me this unit to review!

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