Product Review: Creamy Chipotle Dip Mix

The great smell was the first to be noticed about this dip mix. It was very strong, and I knew it was going to be great before I even made it. Lori Kennedy, owner of Lori’s Coffee Corner, had suggested this item to me. She was wonderful to work with, and knew this was going to be a hit.

The instructions were extremely easy, and the dip was made in less than 5 minutes. Two ingredients were all I needed before mixing it together and putting it in the fridge for an hour. It was made before supper, and it was ready by the time supper was.

The whole family loved it, even though I worried about the number of spicy ingredients. It wasn’t as spicy as I thought, so the kids were able to eat it along with us. It did have a definite “kick”, although not too spicy. Terrific blend of spice!

Lori Kennedy, owner of Lori’s Coffee Corner, had mentioned this was a big hit at her son’s birthday party. I now see why! In addition to this dip, also available is Fiesta Salsa, Greek Dip, Bell Pepper, Homestyle Dip, Dilly Dip, and many others. Lori’s site also offers many other mixes such as dessert, milkshake, rice, meals, muffins, and more. You can visit her site at:

Source by Kara Kelso