Product Review – Havahart 1030 Live Animal Trap

I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains…That, in itself, tells you why I need a live animal trap. Living in the mountains you learn to share nature with the wild animals that run free. Nothing better than sitting on the back porch watching the deer graze in the field and squirrels running from tree to tree harvesting their nuts for the winter. But you also have those foul-smelling creatures that just want to move in with you.

Most of my family lives close together with a few neighbors and friends near-by. One day my neighbor (Betsy) calls my brother (Mason) needing help. Mason rushes over to her house, parks in the driveway and just sits there, not believing what he is seeing. Betsy has 2 Chow dogs running around trying to catch a skunk that came in the yard. Well, we all know that skunks have only one way to protect themselves. By now the whole neighborhood smells all the action going on. Mason gets out of his truck gagging the whole time and tries to set a trap for the skunk. In the meantime Betsy is trying to get her dogs to quit chasing the skunk. Everyone is running around and that poor skunk is scared to death. Mason decides to lay a barrel down, gets the water hose and guides the skunk into the barrel. Finally the skunk is caught. After all that trouble my brother wants to drown the skunk while he has it in the barrel. Betsy being the animal lover she is said “No Way”. She makes him take it to the woods below my house and set it free. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee in my pants. If you could only have seen his face…words cannot describe it.

End of story, I don’t think so. A few days later I woke up in the middle of the night choking. I recognized the smell; that skunk had decided to move in with us. Somehow that skunk had found a way to get under our house and decided to camp-out on the end where our bedroom is located. Keep in mind our home only has a small crawl space underneath. The smell was so bad I thought the skunk had got into the house and was lying beside our bed. We moved into the spare bedroom on the other side of the house for the rest of the night. The next day my husband (Jim) decides to open the door that goes underneath the house and take out all the vents hoping the skunk would decide to walk out on his own. Do you think we could be so lucky? No way, that skunk loves it under there. Jim decides it problem would not be a good idea to crawl underneath the house and try to persuade the skunk to move out. By now my father has heard about our situation and coming to the rescue.

Daddy pulls in the driveway and gets out with a Havahart 1030 Live Animal Trap. He tells us all about how he used this trap to capture rabbits, minks, large squirrels & other similar animals. It looked to be just the right size to catch our friend Mr. Skunk. Even though that skunk put us through a lot of turmoil there was no way I could let any harm come to it. I had heard about Havahart traps and how easy they were to use and how they were made to protect the animals so they didn’t get hurt and you can set them free again. We decided to give it a try.

We slapped some peanut butter on a slice of bread and laid it inside the trap. My husband put the trap underneath the house as far as he dared to go in and set the sensitive triggers. The trap was made with two spring-loaded doors allowing the skunk to enter from either direction. Mr. Skunk had been there awhile without any food so it did not take him long to go for the peanut butter.

With our friend Mr. Skunk safely inside the trap it is time to relocate him. We cover the trap up with a blanket and secured it in the back of our pickup truck for a nice long ride out to the country. Once we found a secluded place with no homes around we set the trap on the ground in the woods and opened the doors to set him free. He was scared and hesitant to come out of the trap at first but we waited passionately for him to calm down and come out to explore his new home. Something finally caught his attention and he took off after it just like he knew exactly where was going. I was just amazed at how easy it was to capture and safely transport our visitor to his new location.

Source by Buford Mccormick