Product Review – HoMedics SC-540 Scale

Recently I purchased the HoMedics SC-540 scale at a local sporting goods store. My motive behind this purchase was to find a way to check my body fat percentage accurately. But what I got was much more. This scale takes into account your level of hydration, and will let you know what that is, along with your percentage of body fat, muscle and bone.

I’ve got a hand held body fact monitor that works by sending a signal through your palms, but has been remarkably inaccurate. So from what I’ve read and discussed with health care professionals, the models that take into consideration your hydration level should be more accurate. That’s why I thought this scale might be the right choice for me.

In addition to being more accurate, the display of your bodies hydration level along with the measurement of body fat percentage and muscle mass helps to allow you to track the changes in your body each week. This is important because if you notice that your hydration level has changed significantly from one measuring to the next then you can assume that your other stats may not be accurate, or at least should not be compared too strictly to previous readings. In this way I can feel confident that if my level of hydration is consistent, then I can trust that the other readings are accurate. That way I know if I’m dropping fat, or muscle and can react to those changes quickly. Obviously I want to increase my muscle mass and decrease my body fat percentage and this scale is a great tool in helping me with that goal.

I was super excited to start using this scale and really feel like it’s been a good purchase. I’ve been able to see small fluctuations in my body fat from one week to the next and it’s reassuring to see that number dropping while my weight stays the same. While I’m currently doing INSANITY, my intent is to push my body fat as low as possible by the end of the program, then I’ll shift gears and probably go back into P90X with the purpose of putting on more muscle mass while maintaining my level of body fat. I think having this scale around is going to help quite a bit.

Source by Aaron Lee Davis