Product Review: Hugo by Hugo Boss

Launched in 1995, Hugo is the first fragrance distributed by Hugo Boss and I think is still one of their best. As mentioned in our How to Wear Cologne article, there are certain scents that work better at different times of the day and Hugo is, my opinion one of the best daytime colognes available. I have been using Hugo since about 2002 and I have never tired of it. I have probably received more compliments wearing Hugo than any other cologne I've used.

Hugo is clean smelling cologne; there are "top notes" of grapefruit, green apple, spearmint and cedar. The "middle notes" are of jasmine, sage, and lavender. "Base notes" have hints of moss, sandalwood and some suede although I have difficulty smelling the suede.

One of the mistakes men can make when wearing lighter, daytime colognes is the urge to put on too much, exactly because it is a lighter scent. At most you will want to spray your torso three times but no more. Hugo will last through the day and even into the night if you leave right from work to a function later that evening. While you may find it to be too light for an evening event, no one will be backing up while talking to you because you smell like you've bathed in it.

Something to avoid if you are planning on using a heavier fragrance in the evening is not to layer your colognes. Have a shower first and remove your daytime odors, including your cologne. Cologne will lose its potency through the day but there will be enough to throw off the intended flavors of other fragrances. Another reminder, never spray your clothes as this will definitely throw off the intended notes of the cologne and will make your clothes smell stale.

Hugo Boss describes Hugo as an iconic fragrance in an iconic bottle; the first HUGO fragrance showcasing the avant-garde combination of sea notes and forest accord. This fresh creation is a contemporary classic where green aromatic notes balance the aquatic top note and its distinctive apple note. I have to say that this is one piece of propaganda that I absolutely agree with. It's always difficult to find a great cologne that not only suits the time of day but suits you as well. Hugo is very universal with some great clean notes that will not offend anyone. I'm sure will win you great compliments from the ladies (and maybe some guys).

Source by Stephen Maser