Product Review on Coolaroo Dog Bed

The Coolaroo Dog Bed came from brand naming of Coolaroo. It produces line of products which are created by an Australian company.

As we know, Australia is its own continent, as a land of extreme temperatures where it becomes very hot during the day and extremely cool at night. These extremes in temperatures inspired the company’s named Coolaroo (with Kangaroo as part of its banner – made for life) unique Coolaroo fabric and many of their products including the coolaroo dog bed.

The fabric was created and made to last longer & durable in outdoor & indoor conditions. The fabric was created to simultaneously allow air to move through the fabric for a cooling effect and repel the heat of the sun. The Coolaroo Dog Bed offers a unique design where it sits up slightly off from the ground, about 6 to 7 inches, so your dog won’t have to lie on top of hot or cold floor conditions. It definitely keeps your dog cool and comfortable as he rests.

The ‘breathable’ fabric is supported by a powder-coated steel frame and a foldable frame is also available for purchase. Since the fabric has many tiny holes through it, the air flows easily, keeping your dog cool and comfortable even in humid weather. Apart from that, many pet beds can easily become flea magnets. However, the coolaroo fabric is flea resistant, as well as resistant to mites, mold and mildew.

You may ask, what are the benefits of Coolaroo Dog Bed? Below listed are the 5 major benefits:-

1. These beds are extremely easy to clean and taken care of. The fabric does not get damaged by water easily, so you can simply spray the dog bed down using garden hose, wait for it to dry in a few minutes, and it will be as good as new.

2. Mold, mildew, and fungus will never grow on the fabric, thus keeping the coolaroo dog bed clean and safe for your pet.

3. Because the Coolaroo fabric has so many tiny holes, air will flow freely through its fabric. This helps to ensure that the dog bed does not get uneasily hot and your dog always remains cool and comfortable.

4. Because of the ‘breathability’ of the fabric, it does not offer a breeding ground for fleas and ticks which can be a problem with other types of beds. Thus, you do not have to worry about your pet being riddled with fleas and scratching itself crazy.

5. These beds are of the good variety, thus keeping your pet cool in the summer months, and keeping it off the cold floor in the winter months.

For your information, the Coolaroo dog beds comes in 3 different sizes, small, medium & large. It has also various of colors for your selection. Other than this, it comes with warranty, should the fabric tears or splits after you’ve purchased and still within the warranty period, Coolaroo company will replace a new fabric or refund the cost without question asked.

Source by Alex Tan Ming