Product Review – The Deroyal Derom Dynamic Knee Splint For Knee Contractures

Besides surgery and trauma, there are many causes for contracture of the knee joint including burns, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal chord injuries, multiple sclerosis, musculular dystrophy and cerebral palsy.

Prolonged immobilization creates muscle and tissue weakness and atrophy that may not resolve without intervention. Dynamic splinting systems are spring-loaded, adjustable devices designed to provide a low-load prolonged stretch while patients are asleep or at rest.

Dynamic splinting utilizes the method or modality of low load prolonged stretching. The result is a permanent stretch of the soft tissue and permanent restoration of the joints range of motion.

These devices combined with other physical therapy modalities provide a serial stretching of the affected limb in order to improve the end ranges of motion, primarily knee extension.

The DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic ROM Knee Orthosis utilizes an aircraft quality aluminum frame which is both lightweight and strong. It can assist in flexion and extension contractures of the knee.

It is ideal for patients with latex allergies, utilizing a soft Vel-foam thigh and calf cuff for ultimate comfort.

Doctors and therapists prefer this brace as it is only available in two sizes, and fits either left or right leg. It is easy to use with an integrated adjustment tool and tension release lever.

Competitor braces cost 2-3 times that of the DeRoyal DeROM, so for patients that have no insurance or when the device is not covered by an insurance company, it becomes the ideal choice.

So if you are suffering from contracture of the knee that is not responding to manual range of motion exercises and other physical therapy treatments, the DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Knee Spint is an excellent addition to your course of treatment.

It is always recommended to consult with your treating doctor and therapist to determine the correct product for your orthopedic condition. The content of this article is not intended to diagnose, treat any health problem or recommend any brace.

Source by Dr. Kenneth Shapiro

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