R.J.’s Electronic EF to NEX Adapter Review

A detailed review of the new electronic adapter for Canon’s EF mount to Sony’s E-Mount. This is going to be a competitor for Metabones, and at 60% of the price I feel like they’re doing a great job.

This is not mentioned in the video, but none of the adapters on the market currently support usable autofocus, including this one. Metabones does have auto-iris, but with canon lenses, you really don’t want that (very choppy and rough looking). EDIT: RJ just came out with an upgraded version for about $300 that DOES have autofocus. I haven’t used it, but apparently it is very usable. It also has a tripod mount.

I own an RJ Adapter and Fotodiox. Based on user reviews and research, Kipon and Fotodiox’s manual adapters were close enough to each other that I grouped them.

You can find the product at www.RJCamera.com

Thanks to Christopher Wong for helping me out. You should check him out at Chriswithcamera.wordpress.com

I was not paid to make this review. Thanks for watching.

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