Self Defense Products – Pretender Stun Gun – Product Review

Military units and police agencies throughout the world have used self-defense products for decades as a way to control crowds and apprehend criminals. They provide a nonlethal alternative to deadly force. In the last 10 years or so, self-defense items have become extremely popular in the civilian community. They have made the successful transition from law enforcement and military use to civilian use.

Part of the reason they have become so popular is they work. Tasers on average have an effectiveness rating of nearly one hundred percent. Stun guns and pepper sprays on average are close to 86 percent effective.

The purpose of all self-defense products is to give you time to get away from a potentially dangerous situation to seek help. They may cause temporary pain but no long-lasting pain.

Stun guns are the second most popular item for personal security only behind pepper spray. They are hand-held devices with two prongs on one end that conduct an electrical charge. When it is applied to an assailant for as little as 4 seconds the electrical current causes the body to over work depleting the attackers’ blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid. They use high-voltage and low amperage to disable an attacker for up to 5 minutes or more.

The pretender stun gun looks exactly like a cell phone stun gun with a camera. This gives you the added advantage of surprise. You can be holding it up to your year pretending to be on call and actually carrying a 4.5 million volt nonlethal weapon.

It has a very bright 12 LED flashlight and comes with an included holster and required batteries free of charge. The standard version is black but you can get it in pink as well. There are two levels of safety built-in: the safety switch has to be on the on position and the trigger button has to be pressed before the unit will operate.

When are you getting one?

Source by Jack Krohn