Shake Weight Reviews – Pros and Cons of Shake Weight

If you're reading this article you must have seen the infomercial for the Shake Weight, the new fitness product that has grown in popularity after being featured on TV. What most people focus on is the suggestive nature of the infomercial, something which at least one late night talk show host made fun of. What I want to do in this article is to review Shake Weight the product, not the ad, and to figure out the merit of this product.

Using the Shake Weight is easy. You hold it in one hand or both and simply shake it. The weight has a spring action on both sides so the workout is shaking and holding the item in its place. The device is for the upper body and is designed to work your arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.

Naturally, no product is perfect. One of the ways to decide for yourself whether you should get it is to know about the pros and cons of this machine. So, what are some Shake Weight pros and cons you need to know about?


– The Shake Weight is an affordable piece of equipment unlike many overpriced fitness products in the world today.

– This product comes with a money back guarantee

– It is easy to use

– Can be used at home, in your car, on vacation, practically everywhere

– Does stimulate the muscles


– There is no reason why shaking will lead to a more feminine type of muscle growth

– Unlikely to be more productive than regular weight training, although it can be a frehsening change of routine

– Comes in a single weight while dumbbells are available in many different weights

– Can not be used to work the lower body at all

As you can see, there are good points and bad to make about this product. You need to decide whether this is something you will use. If so, then by all means, try it out. If not, then you can still do regular workouts and get excellent results.

Source by John Davenport