Sneaky and Strategic Ways to Promote Your Web Business

Due to the rise of new Web 2.0 capabilities that aim to enhance collaboration, creativity, and information sharing, there are unique internet marketing strategies that can be accomplished with little or no cost.

One of the best ways to get your product or service noticed is to give away something that has some incredible value and does cost. For example, you own a company that sells and installs carpet in residential homes and small businesses. You can make a video about the top ten things to look for when purchasing carpet for your home and post this video on YouTube. Keep the video short, two to three minutes tends to work best, and give away some of your tips and tricks. You can then use this video on your web site to update content and add video to a static page. The video will be hosted by YouTube and all you need to do is place a small amount of code on your web site to run the video from your site.

These internet marketing strategies are also known as gorilla marketing (an unconventional system of promotions with little or no budget) and they can help to increase business and to help showcase your product or service.

Another good internet marketing strategy is to write a blog that deals with the product you sell or products you use while servicing your customers. This marketing blog will help you to interact with your customers and gage market forces and trends. This blog will also allow you to become known as the “go-to” expert in your field and people doing Google searches will come across your blog and increase your leads and generate new streams of income for your business. It will be important to have your blog limited to a specific geographic area or on a narrow topic to start and then gradually increase your scope as your visitors increase and your reputation becomes more widespread.

Source by Melvin Perry