Tackle Any Floor With the High Quality Miele S5

I chose to purchase the Miele S5 series vacuum cleaner for our home because of our hardwood floors. One of my friends told me about this vacuum and so I wanted to give it a try. When I brought it home, I was surprised at how great it cleaned hardwood floors and was impressed by its high quality.

I am positive now that the Miele S5 is the best vacuum available and is one you can stand behind. It is designed to clean any type of floor, and features a parquet floor brush designed to clean tile and wood floors. There are six different power levels you can adjust to suit the cleaning job you are working on. There are easy-to-use symbols which help you to determine which power setting to use. Plus, this model is easy to move around because of its 360 castor wheels on steel axles. There is also a travel ramp built into the model that helps you to maneuver the vacuum around obstructions on the floor. With its extra-long cord stretching 29 1/2 feet, you don’t have to hassle with moving the plug from outlet to outlet.

This vacuum is made of exceptional quality. It is built in a German factory where each of the parts must undergo thorough testing before it is put into the vacuum and shipped off. This thorough testing process is standard for each and every machine in the production line, and the tests far exceed your typical residential use to ensure you get a product that will last. Only parts that pass these rigid tests are placed into the vacuum.

The Miele S5 series vacuum cleaners can be expensive but they are worth the investment. I have to say that the vacuum has worked like magic and there is no denying that my floors were simply shining with cleanliness.

Source by Bobby Miller

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