Vegan Makeup Brushes – Product Reviews

We started with non-animal tested cosmetics. Industry responded. As our awareness grows, we added vegan makeup to our vanity tables. Now, we are realizing that the makeup brush industry causes as much harm to helpless creatures (mainly ponies, horses, squirrels, rabbits, all fur animals such as sable, cats, dogs, and many other innocents) as the cosmetics industry did.

But we can change that – you and I. All we need to do is make sure that any future brushes we buy are 100% synthetic. Still, we want great brushes. We want to look good.

Here's a review of some of the popular brands.

Color Brushes has great prices, excellent quality brushes, and a large selection. Their Kabuki brush is soft, but still firm enough for a flawless mineral makeup foundation application. The Round Powder brush is ultra-thick and luxurious and the softest brush I've ever used. The tapered Eye Shadow brushes come in head widths of 0.37 "and 0.43." (

Valana Minerals ' Velvet Plush Brush collection was created specifically for mineral makeup, but can be used with other textures as well. Also called The Faux Collection ©, the brushes are supple, soft, and durable. They offer two Kabuki brushes, one for medium coverage and one for full coverage. Their Round Eye Crease brush is perfect for detailing eye makeup, and their ultra-thin eye liner / lip liner brush feels soft, but meets the firmness necessary for a perfect application. (

The Branded J Collections brushes are absolutely gorgeous, and they have an awesome variety from which to choose. The sets are nothing short of professional. The prices are up there, but you can save money by buying single brushes instead of a complete set. You can get a flawless liquid or cream foundation application with The Betty Mae brush. Choose Hopscotch for a soft but sturdy flat-top liner. Or choose Hannah for an angled liner brush that allows for maximum control. Hannah also doubles as a brow color application brush. The Branded J site has a lot of information about brush care, and about the vegan brush industry in general. Definitely worth reading, especially if you are "on the fence" about choosing vegan brushes. (

Makeup Junky is a fun site to explore, and they have a huge variety of Taklon brushes – something to meet every makeup need. I especially like their Travel Brush Set , which is reasonably priced, and includes 7 brushes and a case. The individual brushes range in price, and the selection of eye shadow brushes is intense. Their powder brush, Emily , is a full, lush brush that can be used for setting powder, blush or bronzer, and even body makeup. For mineral makeup, they have different sizes of Kabuki and Flat Top brushes. (

There are so many luxurious synthetic brushes that there is not room to review them all.

Now that vegan makeup brushes are as lush and professional as any brush out there, there's no reason a woman can not be gorgeous and compassionate at the same time.

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Car Cam Voyager With LCD Product Review

There have been several new and exciting Car Security Systems to come on the market recently relating to vehicle security services and Car DVR devices. These have a varied range of functionalities as well as offering varying degrees of security both while the vehicle is on the road as well as when stationary. On the list of more outstanding new services entering the market recently is Car Cam Voyager with LCD. While simple in its design, light weight and portable this unit most importantly allows for a significant reduction in the high cost of installation associated with many car dvr units .. What this car video recorder does exceptionally well for its growing following is is provide peace of mind when on the road that an accident where someone else is clearly at fault will have video evidence to prove likewise and help keep insurance costs down in the process ..

The Car Cam Voyager is a Car DVR unit that offers some very unique features that give their clients an advantage and make it worth considering them. The most impressive are easy to start recording by simply plugging the power jack into the cigar-lighter and 2 recording modes that you can easily customize to suit your security needs., Automatic battery back-up; 15 minutes of post-event video in an event of a power failure with Up to 32GB micro SD card compatible giving a full 48 hours of recording time. and Assure a clearer, smoother image transmission and never miss the details with very high resolution 720×480 pixels, and high frame rate of 25 ~ 30 frames per second. A wide-angle 2.0 mega pixel camera records the moments before and after a presumed incident.

The only negative thing that I have encountered regarding the Car Cam Voyager Car Security System is that it is limited in it's breadth as far as a single camera unit (not capable of additional channels for multi-view), this limits the ability to get a full understanding of the incident if other angles are not available and it does not provide easy use of round-the-clock surveillance due to limited battery connectivity. Other Car DVR models provide more functionality but tend to come at a higher initial price with the added cost of installation. I definitely recommend this Car Security System for you or your compay.

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Product Review – 90 Degree Clamps – Just Basl Productions

This is a review on some of the uses of the 90 degree clamps used on DSLR and other camera rigs. There are many other ways to use these clamps, I just wanted to cover a few of them and review these few specific clamps to help you purchase the one that fits your needs.

Special thanks to Emm at Cheesycam

All filming, editing, voice over and text graphics were created by Jarrod of Just Basl Productions

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Product Review: Quick and Easy Ways to Instantly Mine Pure Gold from WordTracker

The other day I was surfing the net looking for resources relating to WordTracker. WordTracker is, in my opinion, one of the top two market research tools on the net. The problem is that very few people understand how to harness the real power this service provides. Heck, I’m been stuck in their ‘Keyword Universe’ section for hours… until now.

The only resource I could find on harnessing the power of WordTracker was by a man named John Alexander. His book is entitled Quick and Easy Ways to Instantly Mine Pure Gold from WordTracker.

Bingo, based on the name alone, I knew this was the book for me! For only $29.95, I couldn’t go wrong… or could I?

I downloaded the 48 page PDF file and instantly printed it out for my reading pleasure. I finished reading this in a whopping 20 minutes.

Did I learn anything? yes.

BUT, I didn’t feel like I learned ‘Quick and Easy Ways to Instantly Mine Pure Gold from WordTracker’. Instead, I feel like this title would be more appropriate, ‘One Easy Way to get a bit more out of WordTracker, and it has nothing to do with Keyword Universe’.

Ok, so I suck at writing book titles, but you get the point.

I do think the overall message John attempts to get across is valid and needed to be stated in a book. I also think the one technique described is not only cleaver, but VERY useful. With the quality of information given, this book is priced well.

If you’re new to WordTracker, I would recommend becoming more familiar with the service before jumping in and using his technique. As odd as this reads, I think you need to hit a level of confusion that most WordTracker users experience prior to appreciating what this book has to offer.

Because the price of the book is low, and I did learn something, I’m giving this a 7.

Source by Keith Baxter