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Product Review of Panasonic EP-30003 KU Shiatsu Massage Chair

The focus of this review is the Panasonic EP 30003 which is part of the Real Pro Ultra series of massage chairs. We will review some of the more relevant areas of the purchase of this product. The Real Pro Ultra series is replacing the Real Pro Elite which was the prior series of model from Panasonic. The Real Pro Ultra EP 30003 is a mid range model in the $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 range.

First, we take a look at the post-sale protection for the consumer. This includes both the warranty and customer service in the event that you require service on the chair. The warranty covers certain aspects such as labor and parts covered by the manufacturer. The warranty coverage protects the consumer and takes some risk out of the purchase. Not all warranties are the same. Panasonic provides you with 3 years on the parts on the major components. Items like upholstery are excluded from the warranty. You also get 1 year labor and 1 year shipping of parts covered by the factory. This coverage is good on the parts, but is rather short on the labor. They are now offering in-home technician service to bring it up to the level of the best chair manufacturers. Most retailers will offer extended warranty coverage to match the better companies, but at additional cost. Customer service is provided by the retail establishment where the chair is purchased, so service levels are highly variable.

The features and options included in massage chairs are ever increasing. This means the controllers for these chairs become more complex. Therefore, ease of use is a key factor, since many features will not be used if they are not intuitive. Who has time to read the manual these days? Panasonic has deep experience in this area since they are a large electronics company. As such they include a helpful voice guidance system to navigate you through using the features. This is helpful in the beginner or for first time users. The remote is cleanly designed and fairly intuitive to use. The self programs take some getting used to, but they worth the effort. The remote is not very cluttered compared to many we see, which is a good thing.

The important features of the EP-30004 are the Junetsu massage and the extendable leg rest. Panasonic research has yielded a new massage technique called Junetsu. This technique is aimed at deep penetration of the muscles. It uses small circular motions combined with firm pressure. This combination provides for a penetrating and invigorating massage to targeted areas of the back. Junetsu is defined as ultra fine kneading and this is an effective massage technique. The other key feature we like is the extendable leg rest. Although this is not quite as exciting as the Junetsu, it is important for the American market. With few exceptions, massage chairs are designed for the Asian market and secondarily exported to America. The typical American is taller and heavier than the typical Asian. This is reflected in massage chairs which are small for Americans. Panasonic finally introduces 5 critical inches to extend the leg rest. It is a start in the right direction.

You will want to make sure that your massage recliner is comfortable to sit in, since it can also be used as a recliner as well. Some are quite frankly, not very comfortable when not being used for massage. The Real Pro Ultra comes with nice padded armrest covers. The upholstered chair back is plush and the synthetic leather is very soft to the touch. The chair comes with a detachable, contoured head support pillow. Panasonic has added an extendable leg rest which can be extended an additional 5 inches. This is a big improvement over their prior series without this feature. The chair is well designed and ergonomic.

This is perhaps the most important category, since the massage makes or breaks the chair. The EP-30003 comes with automatic and manual programs. For one touch convenience, select from four 15-minute Pre-Programs, One 5-minute Quick Program. The Pre-programs or automatic programs include Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep, Stretch and Quick. Shiatsu is for severe tightness and tension; Swedish is for gentle invigoration and enhanced blood flow: Deep is for mild tightness and tension; Stretch is for a refreshing stretch of the lower body; Quick is for a variety of techniques in 5 minutes. Manual massage techniques include: Junetsu, Shiatsu, Swedish, Knead, Stretch, Tap and Full Roll. The lower body air system covers the calves and feet only.

We like the new innovative massage technique, the Junetsu introduced by Panasonic. We also like the extendable leg rest to better accommodate the American market. The chair is well designed and ergonomic. We are not impressed with the overall look and style of the chair. Panasonic should be able to produce chairs that are impressively designed on the outside, not just the inside. The massage therapies are fairly comprehensive and effective. This is certainly a contender for your attention if you are looking for a good quality and solidly built massage chair in this price range.

Source by Steve Esquire

2017 MasterCraft NXT22: Product Review

The entry-level towboat category just got a lot bigger. At 22 feet, the NXT22 has room to spare, style to burn, and yes…enough cup holders to keep all 14 passengers satisfied. The NXT pairs the features you need in a nimble ride so you can do more and have it all. Slice through water to free ski. Pull out the inflatables and tow the kids without skipping a beat. When you’re in the mood to throw down and wakeboard, no problem. And surfing is amazing with the NXT22’s big ballast and the optional surf system. This is legendary MasterCraft quality available at a price that won’t beach your bank balance.

Our cups runneth over—all 14 of them.

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Police Force Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun – Product Review

As recently as 10 years ago, stun guns were just that-self-defense products for personal safety used to stun assailants. Now they are so much more than that and often at a cheaper price than ever before. In this article we will do product review of a tactical flashlight stun gun so you can see what we’re talking about.

Stun devices have always been popular as self-defense products but with improvements in technology they can do many more things than just stun an assailant. The Police Force tactical stun flashlight is a good example.

It utilizes triple stunning technology which enables the electrical charge to alternate between three separate contact points on the top of the device. This makes an extra loud noise when activated, enough that it can potentially scare away any assailant with the sizzling, cracking sounds it makes or the sight of the sparks flying back and forth between the probes.

This is a 7,000,000 volt personal safety device that is made to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement, military and security pros all over the world but for the first time is now available to civilians for personal safety. It is made out of an aluminum alloy that is military grade for a shock-proof exterior that has etched ribs on the handle to ensure a firm grip.

The ultra-bright flashlight can temporarily blind an assailant making it easier to apply the stun device to disable him. The improved design has the safety switch and a start button on the same side of the unit which allows you to quickly activate the unit and turn off the safety.

There are three levels of safety that have been built in including the on-off switch that has to be in the on position, the function selector switch which must be in the starting position and a trigger that must be pressed before the stun gun will operate.

Both the stun device and the flashlight are fully rechargeable which makes this an economical and environmentally friendly “green” self-defense product. It includes a holster and a wrist strap to facilitate carrying.

Streetwise, the manufacturer, is so confident of this product and the quality that went into making it, that it has a lifetime warranty.

That is a thorough product review of the Police Force tactical stun flashlight made by Streetwise.

We should note that stun devices even though they are very popular, are not legal in all cities and states or foreign countries. Check with your local police department or various online resources to make sure they are legal in your area before you buy one.

Source by James Lesney

2016 MasterCraft X30 – Product Review

Get on board the X30, where huge wakes and amazing surf waves meet classic styling, Ilmor power and the legendary MasterCraft quality you expect. It’s the best selling boat in our X Series for good reason. Check out the quick run down of the legendary X30.

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