How to Manage That Ticking Sound in Ears

Are you among the many who happens to hear a ticking sound in your ear that you just cannot ignore and have no idea where it came from? If so, then you have the condition known as tinnitus. Mind you, this is something nobody wants to have. Although it is not that critical as compared to other serious health conditions, still it can negatively affect your ways and your life in general.

Tinnitus is best characterized by a ticking or ringing sound in the hearing organ that is caused by several underlying conditions. Tinnitus sufferers experience this condition in different manners. Some hear the sound in both ears while others hear it in one ear only. Modulation and episodes also vary from person to person. In few cases, the ticking sound which can be likened with that of a clock, is audible to someone who stays a bit closer to the person with tinnitus.

Tick, Tick, Tick

Ticking sound in ears may be classified as objective tinnitus or palatal myoclonous. Possibly, the source of such sound originated from the muscles of the middle ear which are connected to the nasopharyngeal muscle and ossicles. Also, objective tinnitus is another plausible effect of Meniere’s disease or temporal-mandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ.

As a natural response to having been diagnosed with tinnitus is to seek treatment or any form of remedy to help manage the disorder. Most tinnitus patients assumed that their hearing is permanently damaged. The truth is, not all individuals with tinnitus have completely lose their hearing. Additionally, not all tinnitus cases are permanent. Some people experienced it for a time and eventually recovered on its own, while others unfortunately have to deal with the condition all throughout their lives. But the good news is, there are therapy options and relief that people with tinnitus can embrace.

Retrain Yourself

This may sound far-fetched but retraining yourself from the tinnitus sound is actually a good idea to unburden yourself with the stress and frustrations that come with hearing those noises. However, before retraining your brain, make sure there are no other health issues that trigger the tinnitus to surmount. If you found out of other relevant medical problem, then it will be best to seek treatment for such problem.

Furthermore, if your tinnitus is the kind that exhibits unchanging frequency, then it makes you a plausible aspirant for the recent therapy for tinnitus known as sound-based remedy or therapy. So far, such treatment has shown excellent results among many tinnitus sufferers with solitary frequency with regards to tinnitus sound. Majority of tinnitus patients get relief from sound therapy in dealing with the exasperating noise brought forth by the disorder.

The Non Western Approach

On the other hand, apart from taking advantage of sound to soothe one’s hearing, acupuncture is another step that more and more people have taken into account to manage the ticking sound in their ear. If this is your choice of treatment, you ought to search for a reputable and qualified medical practitioner who conducts such. For many years now, acupuncture has been widely used as a remedy for disparate health dilemmas including tinnitus.

Stress is among the triggering factor that aggravates tinnitus episodes. Hence, listening to music is one stress-reliever that you must give a shot. Find the means to relax yourself and strive to live a stress-free life as possibly as you can and in turn, the ticking sound in your ear will hopefully fade in the background.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Disc Taps

Taps drip. It’s inevitable, like death and taxes.

Traditional taps seal using a rubber ring screwed down over

the end of a metal pipe. Sooner or later the rubber is

going to go hard, split or just wear away and it will no

longer seal. Then water seeps through, and the tap starts

dripping. Left alone the problem gets worse as the water

wears away the valve seat. Then you’ll have to either

re-grind the valve seat(Do you own a valve seat re-grinder?

Who would?) or replace the tap. Tedious in either case.

But, it need not happen. Many taps now use ceramic discs.

Method of Operation

Instead of creating a seal by forcing a rubber washer onto

the end of the water feed pipe, they use two ceramic discs

each with matching slots in them. These are held over the

end of the water feed pipe. The lower disc doesn’t move

while the upper disc is turned over the lower disc by the

tap head. Water will only flow when the upper and lower

slots match up.


There are a number of benefits to this arrangement. The most

obvious is that ceramic discs are much harder than rubber

and much more resistant to erosion by water seepage. Hence

they have a much longer life before needing replacement.

Additionally, because the water flows between the two discs,

the discs erode not the metal of the valve. Also, because

of the way the discs are arranged, the taps go fully on with

only one quarter of a turn and tap needs only light pressure

to operate. This light action has the advantage that they

are easy to operate with the back of the hand if your hands

are dirty and for people with restricted movement.

Where they are Used

The ease of operation and the long life mean that most good

quality sink mixer taps have been made using ceramic discs

for a while, but basin taps with ceramic discs are

surprisingly less common. The more use a tap gets, the more

attractive the use of ceramic disc technology becomes. This

is doubly true in hard water areas, which can be murder on

traditional taps.


Everything has it’s downside, and there are cons to ceramic

disc taps. They do eventually wear out and are more

expensive than old style taps and are not suitable for very

low water pressure. Unusually, many of the manufacturers

seem to use standard sizes, so getting a replacement is

often straightforward. Because taps on basins can be either

handed or not not, one can’t always be sure which way to

turn each tap on, this can be annoying! Lastly, unlike

traditional style taps, which take a number of turns to be

on full, you may easily turn the water flow on far more than

meant. The unexpectedly vigorous water flow and splashing

can cause water going everywhere, including over your

clothes. Not Good!

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How To Build Up A Collection Of Signed Memorabilia

You can get all sorts of signed memorabilia these days. You can collect from the world of sport, film, TV, politics or music; depending on what you are interested in. You can collect anything from publicity photos and scripts to sports equipment, and as soon as you get an autograph on the item is makes anything instantly more valuable. Collecting signed memorabilia is a great hobby and, if you build up a good collection it can potentially be a really good investment!

When going about starting a signed memorabilia collection, you first need to choose a theme. Maybe you are interested in a certain sport or team, genre of film or you have a favourite celebrity; whatever you decide you do need to choose something that you are interested in as this will help you to build a good collection.

Once you have decided on a theme, you then need to do some research into the sort of signed memorabilia you are going to be collecting. The best resource to use is the internet. There are plenty of reputable websites out there where you can find some great authentic memorabilia and autographs, all at competitive prices. eBay is also a great resource but you do need to be careful that the memorabilia is authentic and sensibly priced. If the price seems too good to be true it usually is!

Shop around to get a feel of how much certain items of signed memorabilia should cost to ensure that you are not ripped off by a seller. There are also quite a few price guides out there that can be used as reference, so make sure you look around and educate yourself.

Although the internet is a great and convenient source of authentic memorabilia, you can also search for items at house sales, memorabilia stores, conventions and shows. Once you start looking you will realise that memorabilia is literally everywhere and you can find some real bargains! Try not to restrict your collection to one type of memorabilia as this can really limit the value of your collection. For example, if you are collecting memorabilia related to a sport try and collect sports equipment, uniforms, collector cards, team photos, scripts, books and programs. Always be sure to authenticate purchases through reputable authentication services.

If you have collected items of memorabilia but desperately want it to be signed in order to add value to it, then it is a good idea to approach celebrities at charity events, book signings, auction, speaking engagements and game practices. If they have time they should hopefully sign your memorabilia and you might even get to take a photograph of them to add to your collection!

If you don’t have the opportunity to attend such events then you can contact the celebrity directly and send a request for an autograph. You can send a personal note with a self-addressed return envelope to their publicist or manager and hopefully receive a signature. However, there is no guarantee that you will receive a reply so be careful not to send anything to valuable.

Once you have built up a good collection of signed memorabilia then you need to display and store your items with care. You can frame photographs and store autographed cards in plastic sleeves to protect them from moisture. Other bulkier items can be kept in air-tight plastic boxes or glass cases and kept away from moisture, sun and extreme temperatures.

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