Buy a Kindle – Detailed Product Reviews

Looking to buy a Kindle for yourself, friends, family or loved ones? The Kindle is really a high tech gadget even if you are technically challenged. The product's features, ease of use and overall design make this a "Gotta Have" for 2008 and beyond.

Do not let the size fool you! The Kindle is 7.5 "x 5.3" x 0.7 "and weights a mere 10.3 ounces.The compact design allows ease of storage in a purse, hand bag, brief case or back pack. It can store over 200 ebooks straight from the factory and with a small investment of a digital media card (2 MB) this number could double.

The Kindle is packed with the latest technology of a laptop; however, one third its' size. It operates, searches and downloads wireless over a 3G network (same network used for cell phones). Thus eliminating the cumbersome USB cords and frantic searches to find a WIFI hot spot. The real beauty is that there are no monthly contracts or costs involved for the wireless features. You can surf, search, shop, read and download items in basically any location that has cell phone service! You can search WIKIs (basically like an encyclopaedia internet site), read blogs, use the built in dictionary, view Microsoft documents, download books, magazines, newspapers and audio books all while on the go. There are currently over 190,000 available downloads as of the date of this article. You can sample the eBook for free prior to purchase. What a bonus!

The well planned design of the Kindle has numerous benefits. The high resolution screen called "electronic paper" amazingly resembles viewing an actual newspaper or paper paged book. The text size can be easily adjusted for tired eyes and there is virtually no screen glare to battle with. The Kindle preforms amazingly well in direct sun light while you catch rays by the pool. The Kindle can be operated in one hand and the QWERTY keyboard allows for fast typing for both right and left handed users. The well thought out ergonomic buttons and thumb scrolling abilities make page viewing fast and easy. The battery can be fully charged in two hours and should provide four to six hours of continuous use.

Here are a few tips to extend the battery life:

1. Turn the device off when not in use instead of just keeping it in sleep mode

2. Only turn the wireless feature on when actively downloading, searching or shopping on line. This will greatly enhance the battery life

I would recommend any user to purchase and extra battery when you buy a Kindle. They are very inexpensive and well worth it!

Source by Tim Markey

2015 MasterCraft X23 – Product Review

Join Zane Schwenk as he walks you through MasterCraft’s what is now the industry’s best surf machine, the X23.

The all-new X23 expands your horizons in a big way. Smooth riding meets easy driving thanks to a sleek and deep hull. All in, there’s 23 luxurious feet to spread out and let the shred out with 15 people on your guest list. Serving up a bounty of recreation is cake thanks to the X23’s epic 3000 pounds of ballast and the exclusive, award winning Gen 2 Surf System; in its wake the X23 churns out the longest and most customized surf waves in the industry. Innovative sundeck seating puts a new perspective on fun, and keeps vests, towels, rope and other essentials in easy reach. So get behind the X23 and live large all summer

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Product Review – GE Simon XT Home Security System

It's quite easy to review something that you use yourself especially after researching it to death before buying it. Yea, I just gave away the entire review as this is my favorite home security system on the market today!

The GE Simon XT is made by their Interlogix Division. Interlogix has very long history in the security arena with a trusted and great reputation.

What should you look for in a home security system?

A home security system needs to be easy to use at bare minimum or it will not get used. Your choice also needs to be reliable or what's the point. Having as many things as possible on your wish list of features will narrow down the choices too. Buying from a known, large manufacturer will provide good support if necessary. For someone looking to install a home security system themselves, you better pick a no-brain-er as there are some products out there that we would need to be a rocket scientist to get running properly. And finally, is the price that you pay as I'm not Donald Trump and chances are you do not have his means either if you're reading this.

Features or benefits – can we have both ?

Often we see some great sounding features in a product that may sell us on it but in reality, those features do not translate into solving our problems or providing a benefit. Well the Simon XT is a definite exception to that thought and I have to credit their engineers for providing necessary and useful features while keeping it simple and straightforward to use.

What are some of these benefits?

I will not repeat everything on the data sheet but here are some of the things that I like best:

It's menu driven and simple enough to use that even the kids have it down pat as four main buttons control most functions.

There's a large LCD and the buttons are back-lit so you can see what you're doing even when it's installed in a dark closet.

Of course it gives you plenty of zones and even the ability of using both hard-wired and wireless sensors.

It supports an internal cellphone communication card so you do not need to rely on a telephone wire. I bought the version with this built-in.

It supports the two major communications formats for security monitoring so you can chose almost any monitoring company. CID or contact ID is used by many companies as it's been around awhile. SIA from the Securities Industry Association is a newer, more robust and open standard which achieves greater compatibility of security devices and monitoring stations.

Back-up battery is internal and keeps everything working in case of a power failure.

Single button emergency summoning of help.

Two way audio communication with the monitoring station and it's actually intelligent.

Expandable with a variety of options including multiple remote wireless talking touchscreens.

It's very inexpensive.

Installation was a piece of cake.

Is there icing on this cake?

As I'm a home automation enthusiast, trying to merge a security system with my Z Wave system was on my wish list but it was not a showstopper. Well, the Simon XT is fully compatible with all my already installed home automation stuff.

Seeing how many of the largest companies in the home security business recommend the GE Simon XT made my decision even more of a no brain-er.

My complaints

If you happen to own X10 home automation modules, beware as the literature claims compatibility with X10 but you will not get it to work. There's obviously a special power transformer that's required to pass the X10 signals and it's no longer available.

About the only other complaint that I would have is the manual that came with the unit. It falls short for someone like me who wants's every bit of info available. Downloading a more up to date and complete manual solved that problem though.

There is a new version out called the Simon XTi that has recently been released.

The new Simon XTi adds the convenience of a talking touch screen. It also lets you view pictures captured with a wireless image sensor located remotely in the home. Images are retained and managed in a library on the Simon XTi and viewable online.

While these are both nice features, you do need camera's to use the second feature. Like I started out with, does a feature always translate into a benefit? For some maybe but not for me.

Source by Larry Andron

Product Review: Anavite Multivitamin By Gaspari Nutrition

Of course, there are new services on the market today. A few of these seem to be very worthwhile. Some have rightfully acquired good reputations and quite a few loyal clients. A very few of these have all of their indicators going in the right directions; popularity, growth and client loyalty. Many users of these products boast immediate results. Within the field, however, one of the most outstanding multivitamins is Anavite Multivitamin by Gaspari Nutrition.

The leader and driving force behind this growing product is the energy it provides. Now you may feel that most products that promote Nitric Oxide will say, but Anavite's results are undeniable.

What Anavite Multivitamin by Gaspari Nutrition provides to its increasing client base is the alertness and drive to not only power through a workout, but also through the day. To do this, Anavite Multivitamin is packed with plenty of essential nutrients and B vitamins, as well as beta alanine and l-carnitine.

Users of multivitamins expect to feel a difference in their overall energy levels. Some particularly for the gym, while others may feel they're not getting enough from their food. This multivitamin gets rave reviews because it gets straight to point. Users can literally feel "tingling" and energy. An overview of this product will give you an idea of ​​why Anavite Multivitamin by Gaspari is becoming the preferred multivitamin.

Product Overview: What Is Anavite Multivitamin by Gaspari Nutrition, and What Exactly Is In It?

Anavite is offering some very unique features that give their clients an edge and make it worth considering them. The most impressive edge over other competitors, unduly, is the beta alanine and l-carnitine it provides. These two components not only support the anti-oxidation systems, but also activates the right processes in your body to support performance and recovery. Beta alanine is the ingredient responsible for the tingling sensation mentioned earlier that some users experience.

Some users prefer more of a boost in alertness, which Anavite also provides. Aside from the normal functions of essential nutrients, the nutrients in Anavite Multivitamin give us what we pay for. If constant, steady energy is what you're seeking, Anavite Multivitamin by Gaspar Nutrition Traditionally has the ingredients for it.

Gaspari Nutrition has always been a consumer favorite, and rightfully so. They continue to deliver with each product they make, keeping their and health customers in mind. In saying that, expect another excellent product with Anavite Multivitamin.

Allow me to elaborate a bit on the subject of each one of these features, along with other ingredients found in it.

What's In It:

  • Beta alanine- A naturally occurring amino acid. Some evidence indicate beta alanine may improve athletic performance by dilating the blood vessels and allowing for more oxygen to circulate through the body. Of course, more oxygen flow through your blood means better cell and tissue repair. The only negative that users report regarding beta alanine is that it gives them a tingling sensation through their body.
  • L-carnitine- Largely found in red meat, is an amino acid that aids in fatty acid digestion. It is a key element for the body to build proteins.
  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1) – A vitamin associated with neurological and cardiovascular functions.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – A vitamin associated with iron, which has a role in preventing cell atrophy.
  • Vitamin B6- A vitamin associated with a slew of functions, including amino acid, lipid and glucose metabolism, all essential for performance and recovery. Other functions of B6 include hemoglobin synthesis and gene expression.
  • Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) – A water-soluble vitamin that has a key role in the brain and nervous system. It's also a key contributor in cell, fatty acid and amino acid metabolism, as well as DNA synthesis. Cell metabolism and regeneration is critical muscle growth and recovery.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – A water-soluble vitamin and essential nutrient that we need to synthesize Coenzyme A (CoA). More importantly for athletes, it plays a major role in protein, carbohydrates, and fat metabolism.

Product Review:

With many other multivitamins available, it's often going against the grain to try a different product. However, allow me to elaborate on what makes the Anavite Multivitamin stand out among the others.

  • Effectiveness- Because of the beta alanine in the product, expect to feel a tingling sensation. It's not necessarily a "rush." It is, however, a noticeable spike in overall alertness and energy.
  • Overall Quality- Given the noticeable energy levels throughout the day after consumption as well as it being an extremely fair price for the dosage ratio, it's easy to say Anavite Multivitamin is excellent quality. Like any other supplement, however, its effects will become less noticeable as you use it more. Keep in mind that this does not mean the product stops working.
  • Taste / Mixability- Truth: It's a little tough. But then again, what vitamin supplement is not? The tablets are small and easy to swallow. Be sure to have something around to chase it with.
  • Value For Money- As alluded to earlier, this is where Anavite Multivitamin shines. For about $ 29 per 180-tablet bottle, Anavite is an excellent deal. With all of the essential vitamins it contains for optimum performance and recovery, the price you pay for this product is well worth what you'll get.

Final Verdict

Anavite Multivitamin by Gaspari Nutrition is an excellent product. It provides the sustained energy needed for both the day and the workout. So far the only negative thing about it is the tingling sensation from the beta alanine that it can give you. Now do not get me wrong, it's no deal breaker, but sometimes the feeling can be a little uneasy, especially if you're a new user of the product.

Oddly enough, some users actually enjoy the tingling sensation. The say it's an indicator that the product is working.

One can also argue that the taste and smell are not too user-friendly. It's also easy to point out that many of do not care too much about the taste of the product. If it gives us the results we're looking for, that's all that matters.

Overall, Anavite Multivitamin by Gaspari Nutrition will yield exceptionally good results, complete with many excellent advantages over its competitor. Performance during your workout is critical, but arguably even more important is the recovery period. Anavite Multivitamin gives the luxury of providing a boost in both areas. Add all of the essential nutrients and B-vitamins packed into the product, and it's easy to see why this multivitamin is becoming the popular choice. Next time you see Anavite on the shelves at your nutrition shop, do not hesitate to snag a container!

Source by Anthony Richard

Rokinon 8mm Cine Lens Review

Price: 8/10 – $350 is a great deal for this lens.
Glass Quality: 5/10 – Not very sharp.
Build Quality: 7/10 – For a plastic lens, this is great.
Features: 8/10 – LOVE the smooth click less aperture ring and lens gears. Would be 10 if it had auto focus, but that would also raise the price a lot.

Bottom line: Would I recommend buying one? Yes.

I have had the Rokinon 8mm Cine lens with the Canon mount for a month now, and I have to say I really like it. It is such a fun lens. Composing shots has never been as entertaining. At first use I thought 8mm is almost too wide to be useful, but after taking the lens downtown and shooting a good deal with it, I really think there is a place for this lens in my bag.

Check out the review and let me know what you think!

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