Amazon Kindle 2 Preview

Let's Get Physical

Based on the pictures all over the internet, the Kindle 2 is thinner, a bit wider and slightly longer than its predecessor. No doubt that reading will be a little easier, particularly for people who have eye problems. Weighing just 10.2 ounces, it is also lighter than the first Kindle – and believe me, the original one is already easy to carry around. In fact, I take it with me wherever I go, including the bathroom.

About the color, well, let's just say that there is definitely more room for improvement. Like the first version, Amazon decided to stick with off-white. I had actually rented that they would offer more colors and a better design for the second Kindle but no such luck there.

I also noticed that instead of the familiar scroll wheel, the new Kindle has a joystick in its place. Since I have not had the chance to try it out, I am not sure if this is a change for the better. However, I'm really glad to see that the Next Page and Previous Page buttons are relatively smaller than those of the first-edition Kindle. I actually have the tendency to click them while reading even if I'm not yet done with the page so I think that Kindle fans will greatly appreciate that.

New Features Abound

One of the most talked-about innovative aspects of the latest version of Kindle is the Text-to-Speech or Read-to-Me feature. As its name suggests, the Kindle 2 can convert a written word into something that can be heard. For instance, if you have gotten tired of reading but you are, say, required to read a book for school, you can just listen to it via Kindle. But personally, I do not think that I will be engaged to let Kindle read to me out loud because I find joy in actual reading. It might be a little hard to understand but reading and listening are really different for me. Although, I know that there are a lot of people who would enjoy that.

One thing that I find wonderful about the new Kindle is the PDF Document Conversion. My original Kindle does not support PDF files and that sometimes gets on my nerves. Plus, the Kindle 2 can also play MP3 files so one can now read while some music plays on.

My Judgment

Overall, I can say that the Kindle 2 is something an improvement over the first one. Before, you can only store around 200 books but now, it has space for over 1,500 books! If the original Kindle was a dream that came true for me, this one would simply be heaven. But since I am still enjoying a pretty good relationship with the first Kindle, I do not think that I am ready to trade it yet for the Kindle 2. But if Amazon can come up with a touch-screen and well-designed Kindle the next time around, you bet I'll be the first in line for that.

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DSLR Audio – Tascam DR100 Review

Thanks for watching this Review. I was researching online if there was any reviews and tests about this item and sadly there wasn’t. As a HDSLR filmmaker’s point of view, I wanted to do a review as a guide to buyers.

People get confused when buying field recorders. Weather zoom h4n or Tascam dr100. There are many forums and blogs but I wanted to show you guys the features of it too!

Tascam DR100 is really well built product. Very solid compared to Zoom and Lighter. Has individual volume controls, and 3 1/8 jacks for headphones and line in and out. Make a wise decision when buying your gears.

I suggest Tascam over Zoom.
But if you want 4 channel recording and usb recording.
Zoom wins.

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Amazon Affiliate Program – Make Money Promoting Amazon Products

Amazon is one of the leading online retailers, and it's no wonder since they provide a one-stop shop for most of your merchandise needs. You will not find too much that they do not have that you can buy on their website when it comes to common products such as electronics, books, movies, music, clothing and more.

If you're looking for a way to make extra money on the internet, the Amazon affiliate program can provide an additional passive income stream to your affiliate marketing business.

To start promoting Amazon products, you'll have to sign up as an Associate. Instead of being called an affiliate, you're considered an associate to Amazon. The sign-up process is fairly simple. You'll need a valid email address, user name and password. Afterwards, you'll be required to provide more detail about yourself and your website from which you'll be promoting the products.

After you've signed up and can log-in, getting your affiliate link is very easy. At the top of the page you'll be provided with what they call "Site Stripe" which is similar to a taskbar that contains links relating to your account. The Site Stripe is shown on every page you visit on Amazon and allows you to create your affiliate links for whatever product page you're on very easily. Once you find the product you want to promote, simply click the "Link to this page," "Add to Widget" or "Add to aStore" to build your affiliate links.

Your unique affiliate code will be available from where you can simply copy and paste the code into any web page. If you're using a widget to add related products, etc., the widget can be customized to fit the style of your website.

The Amazon affiliate program should be something every affiliate marketer has at their disposal. With so many products to choose from, you're bound to find a product that fits your niche market.

Source by Frank Sylvester

2017 MasterCraft X46: Product Review

The X46 is the groundbreaking wake surf boat that started it all. At a burly 24 feet, it knifes through the surf without worry while carving out an endless wave in its wake. And when you get fully shacked out back, your guests can enjoy unparalleled creature comforts in the huge open pickle fork bow or the plush aft lounge.

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