An Unbiased Review of "doTERRA" Oils

If you’re reading this review of doTERRA oils, chances are you’re looking into doTERRA for a couple of reasons:

If you’re taking a look at this article, chances are you’re interested in doTERRA for a couple of reasons:

1. You’re interested in mainly buying the product and you want to see how it compares to the competition, and/or…

2. You are looking to become a doTERRA rep and want to see if this is a company you could distribute without being embarrassed to do so.

Either way, you’re in the right place.

Just about any network marketing business can get a huge surge of money in the startup phase almost solely on the merit of being “a ground floor opportunity,” but if any network marketing company wants to hold any staying power, as well as make your distributors’ job way simpler, is to essentially have a product line that’s at least satisfactory. You must have a product people would pay money for, at a cost people would be eager to pay, even if it didn’t have a compensation plan connected to it.

What doTERRA Oils Are

doTERRA’s main product is a lineup of therapeutic grade essential oils, the uppermost grade given to essential oils.

What doTERRA Oils Do

These oils have a large number of different uses, from relaxation with aromatherapy, they can help soothe skin when you mix it with bath water, and there have even been third party reports from consumers where it has helped in taking pain away where traditional, and often more costly, treatment has failed.

doTERRA Oils Product Comparison

There is lots of competition in the essential oil market that have oils that are also therapeutic grade. So, even if doTERRA sincerely does sport a superior product, they have a lot of noise to contend with.

What Are doTERRA Oils Prices VS. Competitors’ Prices?

For the 15ml bottles, depending on the oil, they go from reasonably priced ($15) to the “luxurious” ($100) and everything in between. In product comparisons, doTERRA’s oils appear to have a price tag of around 2-3x that of their competition. That being said, doTERRA does have incentive programs in place to help reduce the hit on your wallet. In some cases the reduction can be significant. doTERRA, like many network marketing companies’ companies ahead of it, say the boost in price is because of the higher quality, concentration, & purity of the product. I’m not suggesting that this is not accurate; I have heard excellent reviews from people who are now using doTERRA oils. However, when you add a compensation plan into the pricing structure, the price of the product has a tendency to get kicked up a notch or two.

Final Thoughts on doTERRA Oils

There are 3 major components that a company is required to have so its sales reps have a real chance in the tremendously competitive field of MLM, as well as the competing playing field that company’s product competes in:

1. A firm reputation that is based on giving value instead of pushing hype.

2. Products that have actual value outside of a business opportunity.

3. A system of marketing that can provide an avalanche of motivated leads banging down your door & calling you directly, wallet out, set to sign up with your team.

From what I’ve found on doTERRA, even though it’s only starting out, this company nailed the first two requirements. It has taken care of whatever grievances customers had swiftly, the product presentations are based far more on educating the customer instead of trying to hype it to the Nth degree, and the product really is something that customers would and do throw money down all day, every day without an MLM business attached to it. On the other hand, the one major piece it’s missing is a way to efficiently attract leads to your business. No matter how great a product or business is, the cold hard facts are that 97% of sales reps pounding the pavement will most certainly fail building a doTERRA business should they pass up this important step. If you can do that, and team up with an experienced team to guide you through this indispensable process, there is no limit to how far you will go with your doTERRA business.

Source by Roy Dunne

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Product Review – Review of the DVD – Making Fork Jewelry

Making Fork Jewelry: How To Make Amazingly Unique Fork Bracelets and Necklaces by art jeweler Maryanne Cherubino is one of those rare pieces of jewelry instruction that offers something truly unique and inspiring to jewelry making enthusiasts.

Unlike many video instructions available today, Making Fork Jewelry shows you something that you can absolutely get up and do as soon as you finish the video … regardless of whether you've made jewelry before or not. It's just that simple, fast and well, doable.

This quick jewelry making instructional DVD takes roughly an hour to watch and that's probably why you could make fork jewelry right after watching it. It's that thorough and full proof.

The video of Making Fork Jewelry starts up with a run through of the simple tools you'll need to complete a piece of fork jewelry. Ms. Cherubino also provides information on where to get those necessary tools and chats casually about how to use these tools along with some added commentary about why you use which tools for what and why. Nice touches through the video and helpful as well.

Ms. Cherubino deftly walks you through the entire process of making two fork bracelets and a neckpiece so if you miss anything early on in the process, she catches you up again. It's easy to see that she cares that you learn all the details about making fork jewelry well and thoroughly.

As a metalsmith, I'd assumed that you'd need to anneal (heat) the forks which would soften the metal. So I was surprised to see that heating is not necessary. Maryann shows you exactly how she bends the forks with ease without the need for any heating in the process.

So what will you get with this DVD? You'll start out getting the tools explanation I mentioned above. Next, you'll see Maryanne make a complete fork bracelet from start to finish: hammering the fork, polishing it, bending the tines of the fork. Then she's grinding off sharp edges, shaping the fork into a bracelet and adding the stone or piece of glass as your centerpiece. Then she'll do it all over again making another bracelet. Then she'll change the process a bit and show you how to make a necklace instead of a bracelet.

Another advantage to watching this video is that if you're considering expanding your jewelry making skills into metalsmithing (fabricating your own jewelry from scratch) you'll get a jump start here. You'll learn some of the essentials of working with metal for jewelry making like grinding down sharp edges and polishing your pieces.

All of that's to say that what you get with the DVD, Making Fork Jewelry: How To Make Amazingly Unique Fork Bracelets and Necklaces is a thorough and complete education on how to make fork jewelry (without annealing) and how to do it well. While there are other jewelry types like rings that can also be made from forks or spoons, it's fairly easy to extrapolate making those as well from this video.

Source by Lisa Van Herik