Product Review – The Deroyal Derom Dynamic Knee Splint For Knee Contractures

Besides surgery and trauma, there are many causes for contracture of the knee joint including burns, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal chord injuries, multiple sclerosis, musculular dystrophy and cerebral palsy.

Prolonged immobilization creates muscle and tissue weakness and atrophy that may not resolve without intervention. Dynamic splinting systems are spring-loaded, adjustable devices designed to provide a low-load prolonged stretch while patients are asleep or at rest.

Dynamic splinting utilizes the method or modality of low load prolonged stretching. The result is a permanent stretch of the soft tissue and permanent restoration of the joints range of motion.

These devices combined with other physical therapy modalities provide a serial stretching of the affected limb in order to improve the end ranges of motion, primarily knee extension.

The DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic ROM Knee Orthosis utilizes an aircraft quality aluminum frame which is both lightweight and strong. It can assist in flexion and extension contractures of the knee.

It is ideal for patients with latex allergies, utilizing a soft Vel-foam thigh and calf cuff for ultimate comfort.

Doctors and therapists prefer this brace as it is only available in two sizes, and fits either left or right leg. It is easy to use with an integrated adjustment tool and tension release lever.

Competitor braces cost 2-3 times that of the DeRoyal DeROM, so for patients that have no insurance or when the device is not covered by an insurance company, it becomes the ideal choice.

So if you are suffering from contracture of the knee that is not responding to manual range of motion exercises and other physical therapy treatments, the DeRoyal DeROM Dynamic Knee Spint is an excellent addition to your course of treatment.

It is always recommended to consult with your treating doctor and therapist to determine the correct product for your orthopedic condition. The content of this article is not intended to diagnose, treat any health problem or recommend any brace.

Source by Dr. Kenneth Shapiro

Brako | 3605 | Product Review

This is a review on Brako, 3605 – Product Review.

Hey guys!

This is the Brako, 3605. This is a fabulous little oxford for Spring / Summer ’14. Wood stack-heel here. Two and a half inches. All leather, leather lined. Rubber bottom so, it’s super comfy and, bouncy. Nice little lace up and, its got a –cool, this is really cool; the flowers and stuff are laser cut out um… and, I think these are pretty fabulous for Spring and Summer. This is, a little black with a camel cut. Nice little baby doll toe with, a cap toe um,… I think, these can be worn with a lot of fun things. They’re comfortable, they’re light weight. Brako is a Belgium company. They’re all hand-made in Spain.

They run pretty true to size. So, full and half European sizes, 36 to 41. If you’re an American 8, you get a 38; 8 and a half, I’ll size up to a 39.

So, remember, if you’re gonna kick ass, you need kick ass with new Brakos. Thanks!

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Precision Products 12-Cubic Foot Convertible Trailer Dump Cart LCP97PP Review

Precision Products 12-Cubic Foot Convertible Trailer Dump Cart LCP97PPProduct Review

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12-cubic foot convertible trailer dump cart

Walk behind or trail behind tractor or mower for quick yard clean-up

Holds up to 650 pounds

Solid steel axle with heavy-duty poly bed

90-day limited warranty

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Product Review – Registry Winner

Almost every person in the world who owns a computer, has faced the problems they bring. Strange error messages, an inbox filled with spam and it looks like your computer gets slower every time you turn it on. All these things are normal for a computer. If you don’t take good care of your machine, it will eventually really break down. What if you could just solve these issues and make sure that you computer keeps working as long as you need him. That’s where Registry Winner comes in, an application with all the tools you need to keep you computer fast, clean and risk-free!!

There are many applications out there that help you with certain problems on your computer, but how many applications are there that help you with all your problems? Right, almost none. Registry Winner gives you all you need to make your computer as fast and clean again as when you bought it and turned it on for the first time!!

When I first came to their website I was a little skeptical, but I decided to try it. It wasn’t that expensive, and you really got a lot in return. An hour after I downloaded Registry Winner I was totally amazed! The options you get when you start the application are already surprising, but that every part of this program actually works surprised me even more!

One of the main options that Registry Winner offers is the Registry Optimizer. It’s a part of the software that scans your registry. This is the place where windows saves all the information you don’t need, but is essential for windows to run properly. You can probably imagine what kind of problems it gives if you have errors in your registry. You can download Registry Winner for free, and run a free test. This will give you a great idea of the errors and mistakes in your registry. When I purchased the software and Registry Winner fixed all my problems, the computer ran faster then ever!

I won’t discuss all the options of Registry Winner, because there are simply too many. But if I were you and you really have a slow computer or a computer with regular error messages, I would go to their website and read about all the options this program offers!

Source by Sander Van Maren

Duckback Products DP-2001-5 5-Gallon Press Stain, Cedar Review

Duckback Products DP-2001-5 5-Gallon Press Stain, CedarProduct Review

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Super deck 5 Gallon Cedar Oil For Pressure Treated Exterior Transparent Stain

Designed for decking or siding

One coat application

Unique three oil system nourishes the wood

Deep penetrating formula for maximum durability and minimal wear

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