FitTeam Fit Product Review

A FitTeam Fit Stick is a proprietary blend of organic ingredients that you can pour into water or mix into a drink of your choice, making it really easy to use on the go.

The product is organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, kosher, and vegan friendly. It contains some blend of the following ingredients: green tea, l-theanine, garcinia cambogia, cayenne pepper, 5-htp, caffeine anhydrous, citrus aurantium, grapefruit seed extract, blueberry powder, b-12, and niacin.

The advertised benefits are that it may help provide increased energy, enhanced fat loss, enhanced mental focus, antioxidant benefits, mood enhancement, appetite control, blood glucose control, and improved fat metabolism.

If you read all of the above you may realize that very few bits of the product information actually differentiate from all the other products out there, in fact, it all sounds pretty much the same.

For this review I want to examine four primary factors of what really makes the difference in a health supplement: uniqueness, ease of use, effectiveness, and side effects.

Before I give you an analysis of each of those factors based on the research I did, both online and offline, I have to point out that I am in no way shape or form to give any legally qualified medical advice and that this review is simply my opinion.


We’ve all heard the “all natural” pitch over and over again as it’s quickly becoming an advertising fad. The words all-natural are not defined and could literally mean anything at this point.

Where this product is unique is that it is Organic, Kosher, and Vegan Friendly. Having just one of these qualities makes the product unique enough but to have all three of those qualities in a single product makes the product a rare commodity.

Being free of soy, lactose, GMOs and gluten is very common thing, so I do not find those details rather impressive as those are almost the default setting for any supplement.

Ease of Use

I have used a lot of other supplements. Some of them are in pill form, powder form, or even drink form. The Fit Stick is really high up on my list for ease of use.

The packaging itself is very small and since it’s not pre-mixed into a drink you can simply buy a water bottle anywhere you go and mix yourself a drink at anytime with relative ease.

There are no pills to take and it is not a messy process. For ease of use I find this product surpasses a lot of the other products I have used.


Let’s just be honest here, the product comes with a recommended meal plan that focuses on cutting carbs and calorie restriction. Although it contains known metabolism boosting ingredients such as green tea and caffeine, the effectiveness of those natural ingredients is minimal by themselves.

This is not a miracle cure, even if it burns off an extra 10% of the calories you eat, it will not save you from heavy over eating as you will just end up gaining weight slower or not losing.

However, almost all supplements recommend a calorie restricted diet, so I can’t knock too many points off for effectiveness. Some of the customer reviews indicate that they’ve lost as much as 10 lbs in the first 5 days, a few of which I’ve personally verified, but I believe those results can be achieved by many other supplements as well when combined with exercise and calorie reduction.

Side Effects

There aren’t really any worthwhile negative side effects out of the normal unless you have a medical condition or adverse reaction while taking this product.

The amount of caffeine per serving is about half of what is in a can of soda and there’s some niacin in the product which has been known to cause your face to flush, but there is nothing really in it that has any proven negative side effects.

Source by Thomas Van

MasterCraft X46 – Product Review (2014)

Join Zane as he walks you through the all-new MasterCraft X46 – If you’re working on a wake surf wish list, the X46 belongs at the top. Featuring 24 feet of creature comforts, cavernous storage and crisp handling all designed around a hull that delivers an incredible surf wake. The X46 will pound through the busiest day on the water without missing a beat with space for 15 passengers inside a massive, well-appointed cockpit.

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Affiliate Marketing – Succeeding With Product Review Articles

One aspect of affiliate internet marketing that is especially important to master, although frequently challenging to get right, is writing articles to push website visitors to your web sites. Unfortunately, most beginning affiliate marketers make the mistake of beginning to write articles without a plan or a strategy in position.

In today's post I will share with you one type of article you bought to know about: Product Review articles. Product Reviews are a tried-and-true type of article that will improve the response of your targeted traffic.

Product Review Articles

One of the primary things that consumers seek out on the web is information on products and services. A lot of times, people hear about a product, but just ant to check what other individuals are saying before choosing to purchase it. So, in order to get more prospects to your website and let them know that you are a honest person that they should give some thought to doing business with visitors exactly what they need: a honest review of the affiliate product you are hoping to promote.

You should try to be as honest as you can when you publish a product review. Mention the negatives of your product along with the pros. Do not be afraid to drive buyers away with your truthful review of the product, as the readers who do stay will appreciate that they have found the information they need to make a decision.

Writing an honest product review does not mean you are sacrificing sales of your affiliate product. Quite the contrary. Even though few people will react favorably to an explicit sales pitch on a page where they expected to find an even-handed product review, those who do favor your product (based on the balance of features, or price, or ease of use, etc ) will appreciate a link for buying the product.

And, whether you have made a sale, or managed to add a subscriber to your list, hopefully with your product review you've built at least a modest amount of trust that will encourage your readers to keep returning.

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Vegan Makeup Brushes – Product Reviews

We started with non-animal tested cosmetics. Industry responded. As our awareness grows, we added vegan makeup to our vanity tables. Now, we are realizing that the makeup brush industry causes as much harm to helpless creatures (mainly ponies, horses, squirrels, rabbits, all fur animals such as sable, cats, dogs, and many other innocents) as the cosmetics industry did.

But we can change that – you and I. All we need to do is make sure that any future brushes we buy are 100% synthetic. Still, we want great brushes. We want to look good.

Here's a review of some of the popular brands.

Color Brushes has great prices, excellent quality brushes, and a large selection. Their Kabuki brush is soft, but still firm enough for a flawless mineral makeup foundation application. The Round Powder brush is ultra-thick and luxurious and the softest brush I've ever used. The tapered Eye Shadow brushes come in head widths of 0.37 "and 0.43." (

Valana Minerals ' Velvet Plush Brush collection was created specifically for mineral makeup, but can be used with other textures as well. Also called The Faux Collection ©, the brushes are supple, soft, and durable. They offer two Kabuki brushes, one for medium coverage and one for full coverage. Their Round Eye Crease brush is perfect for detailing eye makeup, and their ultra-thin eye liner / lip liner brush feels soft, but meets the firmness necessary for a perfect application. (

The Branded J Collections brushes are absolutely gorgeous, and they have an awesome variety from which to choose. The sets are nothing short of professional. The prices are up there, but you can save money by buying single brushes instead of a complete set. You can get a flawless liquid or cream foundation application with The Betty Mae brush. Choose Hopscotch for a soft but sturdy flat-top liner. Or choose Hannah for an angled liner brush that allows for maximum control. Hannah also doubles as a brow color application brush. The Branded J site has a lot of information about brush care, and about the vegan brush industry in general. Definitely worth reading, especially if you are "on the fence" about choosing vegan brushes. (

Makeup Junky is a fun site to explore, and they have a huge variety of Taklon brushes – something to meet every makeup need. I especially like their Travel Brush Set , which is reasonably priced, and includes 7 brushes and a case. The individual brushes range in price, and the selection of eye shadow brushes is intense. Their powder brush, Emily , is a full, lush brush that can be used for setting powder, blush or bronzer, and even body makeup. For mineral makeup, they have different sizes of Kabuki and Flat Top brushes. (

There are so many luxurious synthetic brushes that there is not room to review them all.

Now that vegan makeup brushes are as lush and professional as any brush out there, there's no reason a woman can not be gorgeous and compassionate at the same time.

Source by Suzann Kale