4Ps & 6Ps – Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is ​​one of the major concepts of marketing. According to the traditional base, there are 4Ps of marketing. These are referred to as the marketing mix. But in the modern use of the term, many more Ps have been coated. People have found six, seven even eleven Ps of marketing. In this article we will talk about the 4Ps and 6Ps.

Four Ps

The four Ps of marketing mix consist of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Product means the thing that you are selling. It can also be a service like the tourism industry.

Price means the rate at which the product is being sold. A number of factors are involved in determining the price of a product. These include competition, market share, product identity, material costs and the value customers perceive of a product. In fact prices are also determined by competitor's products. If the competitors have the same product, then the price of a product will go down.

Place referers to the real or virtual place from where a product can be bought by a consumer. Another name used for place is called "distribution channel". Promotion is the way that a product will be communicated to the general public. There are four distinct ways in which this might be done- 'point of sale', 'word of mouth', public relations and advertising.

Somewhere down the line people felt that four Ps were not enough for marketing mix. It had to face a lot of criticism mainly on the grounds that it was extremely product focused. This was not enough for the economy which is based on lot on services as well nowdays.

Another criticism that marketing mix has to face is that it does not have a 'purpose'. So it should be looked upon as a tool that sets marketing strategy. Another criticism of marketing mix is ​​that it does not discuss customers. This is why the concept of Six Ps of Marketing mix has achieved relevance.

Six Ps

The six Ps contain all the four Ps of marketing – product, price, place and promotion. In addition, it contains, two new Ps, namely People and Performance.

People include the potential and current customers of the business and how they make their purchase decisions. Market segmentation is also a part of this. It contains the features of market segmentation and the most attractive segments of this market.

The next P is Performance. This exemplifies the performance of the business. The financial and strategic objectives of the business are deal with here. It is also seen whether these objectives are achievable and realistic or not. The metrics of financial performance are also seen and appropriated in this division.

The six Ps of marketing mix help to overcome the criticisms of the four Ps. Here the 6Ps serve to be a better alternative as compared to the 4Ps of marketing mix.

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Pro 20 Gauge – 457 Rifle Combo, Puttin’ it together with Airgun Angie!

I showed y’all the gun in pieces…now let’s put it together! This is the Pro 20 Gauge Air Shotgun and a 457 Air Rifle Combo, It’s a multi-tasker! Sounds like a great package! It shoots any size shot all the way up to 00 Buck and slugs. For the Rifle .45 caliber cast ammo. I don’t know about y’all but that sounds like a whole lot of fun in one airgun!

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We started the Backyard Shooting (BYS) facebook page after a lot of thought and planning. We will be geared towards teaching people of all ages and sexes about airguns, shooting, gun etiquette and lots more. We are aiming this site at people with little to no experience with guns of any kind. We hope to educate others as we are educated ourselves on everything shooting sports related.

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PETE and PEDRO Putty Honest REVIEW (2017) | + Tests + Alternative Products

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Why Do My Pillows Go Flat?

I stayed at the Hilton last night and slept like a baby. The pillow was so comfortable. It molded to my head and supported my neck all night. The whole experience made me wonder why my pillows are all flat. In fact, I have to buy new pillows every year because they lose their shape so quickly. I had to find out what made the hotel pillow so superior.

I started by examining the hotel pillow. It had a feather inner core surrounded by a 700 fill power White Goose Down, whatever that means. So, I went to the computer and did a little research. First of all, the higher the fill power, the higher the quality of the pillow. A pillow with an 800 fill power will be the most resilient and last the longest while maintaining the same level of support for many years. Did you catch that, for many years. A good quality pillow should have at least a 600 fill power. Now, to purchase a high power filled pillow with goose down you are looking at anywhere between forty and one hundred dollars. Which seems crazy, right? Maybe. I needed to do some more research.

Next, I looked at the pillows I use home. I always buy those cheap Walmart pillows made with the polyester fiber fill. It doesn’t even list the power fill, probably because it’s so low. No wonder it goes flat so fast. Besides the fact that it is filled with polyester fiber opposed to goose down and it has no inner core. However, you can purchase two jumbo pillows for less than fifteen dollars or a body pillow for under twenty. But, they are low quality and go flat so is it worth it?

Now the big question is why the Hilton, and I am sure other hotels, provide such expensive pillows to their customers. Why not but the cheap pillows? Well think about it. A quality pillow with 800 fill power will last for many years. I found some products that claim they will keep their form for up to fifteen years. If that is so, hotels only need to invest in new pillows every ten year or so, instead of yearly, besides the fact that the quality pillows are so much more comfortable which is great for customer relations and business.

At this point of my research and thought process I started hitting myself. Get a clue. No more Walmart pillows. No more polyester fiber fill or set of jumbo pillows for under fifteen dollars. No more replacing pillows every year. I’m buying an expense goose down, 800 fill power pillow that will last a decade. Can’t wait.

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Umarex USA Fun Shoot! There’s nothing like a little “friendly” competition!

What’s more fun than getting together with family to shoot some airguns! Today we’ll take several great airguns from Umarex USA and let my sisters Megan and Cheryl see who can shoot them the best. We are shooting the Colt SAA, Beretta 92a Semi-Automatic, Umarex Octane Elite, and the Umarex Gauntlet. My hope is that we have a tie which will put us into sudden death! (Yeah this really does happen!) We’ll be shooting the Gauntlet at 115 yards at a big blast target to see who’s the winner!!!

It’s great time to be an Airgunner!

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Submersible Pump Vs Jet Pump – 3 Tips That Will Convince You To Make The Change!

Here is some quick background info on the function of the submersible and jet pump.


The submersible pump and jet pump are both used to pump water from a well. The jet pump, either shallow or deep well, is used above ground. It uses an impeller and diffuser to vacuum out water into a pipe. If it is a shallow pump its ejector is above ground whereas the deep well ejector is submerged. The submersible pump is submerged in water near the bottom of your well. It uses existing pressure to push water to come to the surface and go into your home. Depending on the yield of your well and the needs of your water usage (household or industrial etc.) you might be faced with making a decision between jet pump or submersible pump.

My first tip involves saving time. The submersible pump saves you time because it is self-primed. A jet pump whether shallow or deep well (convertible) needs to be primed. It can be tricky because you have to get water into the jet pump without any air. This can take several attempts! A jet pump can also stop working because it has lost its prime. You may have to then get donor water from another source (like really nice neighbors) and replace the valves which are frequently to blame for loss of prime. This pump also will not build prime if there is an obstruction in nozzle, or the package or a leak on the suction side of the pump. Remember water for the submersible pump is right there conveniently at the pump itself. It goes to work immediately after you drop it in. Pushing the water to the surface effortlessly maintaining pressure and saving you installation and prep time!

My second tip involves saving energy. The submersible pump saves energy because it makes pressure 30% faster than the jet pump. The submersible pump is also saving energy by not having to fight gravity and atmospheric pressure like the jet pump does (and its not so quiet doing it ). This fight can create a high elevation between pump and water surface. This circumstance can cause cavitation which is serious damage to our jet pump. It can also cause overheating and surges which are both dangerous and costly. Remember jet pumps are limited to 1 1/2 hp for a given hp and flow rates of around 10 gpm at a depth of 50 feet. Submersible pumps caters to your water needs on demand regardless of how large the well is. That means more water for higher demand like garden ponds, sprinkler systems, horticulture, industrial and business pumping, just to name a few.

My third tip involves saving money. The submersible pump has a sealed motor and pump. It is practically maintenance free. The jet pump does not have a sealed motor or pump therefore, it can have corrosion inside the pump caused by fluid. There also can be leakage along the rotating shaft. The wear of the impeller can also be affected by suspended solids. These problems can be quite costly to repair. Not to mention the cost of the electricity running it. You can expect the initial cost of the submersible pump to be higher (gpm/hp factors in) but the life expectancy is longer than any other pump. One reason might be the cooler well water its submerged in protects the motor and its parts from higher temperatures. The submersibles also have a water inlet induction port at the lower end of the motor that cools it. In the long run, the submersible pump is an investment that will save you money.

July 14, 2010

Source by Jennifer Delisio Drake

Flashpoint Blast Power Pack: Product Overview: Adorama Photography TV


AdoramaTV presents the Flashpoint Blast Power Pack. Join Diane Wallace as she shows all the of the great features of this rechargeable, portable battery pack for your speed lights or strobes.

AdoramaTV features talented hosts including: Mark Wallace, Gavin Hoey, Joe McNally, Tamara Lackey, Bryan Peterson and Rich Harrington.

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Flashpoint 16.4 Ft extension power cable for StreakLight Flash

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Flashpoint USB Cable for the BlastPack

Flashpoint StreakLight Power Split Adapter

Flashpoint Blast Pack Replacment Battery

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