Avid Artist Color Review – Control Surface for Color Grading

IMUG and MediaMotion Ball community Founder Carey Dissmore shares some of his thoughts on The Avid Artist Color Control Panel in this review

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Product Reviews: Hoodia Gordoniplus and Hoodia XR

Until now, most appetite suppressants contain caffeine or some other stimulant. Hoodia gordonii is not believed to have any stimulating effects, but blended products may. As the name indicates hoodia gordoniplus contains hoodia plus other active ingredients. These other ingredients are included to increase the effectiveness of the product. However, the inclusion of green tea extract will mean that a small amount of caffeine is present and could cause unwanted side effects in persons sensitive to caffeine. For instance, migraine sufferers are often instructed to avoid products containing caffeine. Hoodia XR, on the other hand, contains nothing except hoodia and the ingredients used to make the capsule.

It is difficult to compare the amount of hoodia gordonii in the two products. They use different manufacturing methods. Hoodia gordoniplus uses a concentrated form of hoodia. Concentrates are generally believed to be more potent sources of key ingredients. The package indicates that the hoodia gordonii content in hoodia gordoniplus is 400mg in a 10: 1 ratio, which means that 10 grams of whole plant are used to create one gram of concentrate. Hoodia XR contains 1000mg of hoodia gordonii in powdered form, meaning that the entire plant is ground into a powder. There is no standard dosage for hoodia gordonii. Some persons need to use more than others to achieve desired results. Most companies recommend that the product should be taken one hour before meals or three times per day, but this is too strong for some people. It is not recommended that the appetite be absolutely suppressed. No one recommends fasting.

Hoodia gordoniplus is currently selling for $ 39.95 for a one month supply. Many companies report that they expect prices to increase as supplies dwindle. It takes several years of growth before hoodia gordonii is ready for harvesting and the increasing demand for the product has reduced the current supply. Hoodia XR is currently selling for $ 49.95. Both companies offer discounts for multiple bottles and hoodia XR currently offers free shipping via Federal Express for orders of two or more bottles.

Both hoodia gordoniplus and Hoodia XR offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee, but remember that thirty days is from the date of order, not receipt. Hoodia XR recommends that you use the product as directed for a full ten days, before making a decision. Some people experience a decrease in appetite after the first dose. Others do not experience effects for a week or more. Whether you choose hoodia gordoniplus, Hoodia XR or some other hoodia product, you should check with your doctor, be in reasonably good health and drink plenty of water, since hoodia can suppress thirst, as well as hunger.

For more information about hoodia gordoniplus or hoodia XR, visit the Hoodia Info Blog .

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Product Review – Panasonic EP-MA20 Massage Chair

There are many different manufacturers of massage chairs to choose from but the one that has stood the test of time is Panasonic. They have been making massage chairs for over 35 years. One of their newest recliners is the EP-MA20 massage chair. This massage chair review will point out some of the salient features of this advanced recliner.

The EP MA20 has been designed with a new intensity control sensor. This is said to give a more evenly balanced massage for any body type. A newly designed smart motor is powered by a microprocessor that is six times faster than the previous one available from Panasonic.

This new balanced massage has been achieved by developing a new roller that applies equal pressure to all contact points. With the new advanced microprocessor, information about your body is relayed to the massaging mechanism. It adjusts much more quickly than previous designs.

The new intensity control sensor allows you to use the remote control to increase or decrease the intensity of the massage. This allows you to get a little deeper penetration or less penetration depending on your desires. The intensity control Sensor is located on the remote control and can be adjusted as needed.

This recliner also comes with an air massage system. The air system uses 14 airbags which are located in the leg rest. These airbags are specially designed to better fit the calves and feet for a soothing compression style massage.

Another important feature of this recliner is the foot reflexology massage. This recliner has removable reflexology plates located underneath the feet. These specially designed plates stimulate the trigger points of the feet for a relieving reflexology massage.

Panasonic has also incorporated a stretching system into the recliner. This helps to alleviate stiffness in your lower back, hips and thighs. The air system in the leg ottoman squeezes the lower legs while simultaneously lowering the leg rest to stretch the lower body.

This is also a powered recliner. You can adjust the chair back automatically by utilizing the remote control. Motors are used to recline the chair back and raise the leg rest to find a comfortable position.

The remote control comes with three preset programs. These preset programs are automatic programs which have been established in the recliner. This gives you the ability to have a full body massage at the touch of a button.

The three preset massage programs are Swedish, deep and shiatsu. Each of these distinct programs gives you a full body, 15 minute massage. This is a great way to relax and let the recliner do its thing.

You can also focus on specific parts of the body. There are five different massage courses to select from. Choose from neck, shoulder, middle back, lower back or full back. The massage will be limited just to the area selected with the manual massage course.

The design of this recliner is quite contemporary. The recliner has silver accents on the armrest and also on its base. The armrests are long sloping ones which are very long. The chair back is very thick to accommodate the newly improved roller motor system.

If you are looking for some of the more advanced technology in massage chairs available today, then check out the Panasonic EP-MA 20 massage chair. This comes with a variety of soothing programs. It provides relaxing and relieving massages.

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