Amazon Kindle – The Goods And The Bads

No doubt that the Amazon Kindle is doing really good and is producing a massive amount of visitors to it, but each and every thing has a negative and a positive point, and i am going to tell you some good and some bad facts about the Amazon Kindle.

It is really hard to describe this revolutionary invention in few paragraphs, Amazon's first ebook reader is a huge success on the market and Amazon is still producing Kindle due to high demand of supply, people are satisfied with it but there are some places where this ebook reader lacks.

Firstly, I would like to tell you about it's Good facts and points:

  • Battery-life is really great, worth of reading almost bunch of pages.
  • Kindle's actual memory is 256mb which can store upto 200 books. However, you can expand the memory via a SD-memory card which is really cool.
  • It's design is as compatible as to a book, and the 6 "e-ink screen can also be read in sun-light, no need to go in the shadows.
  • Ebooks bought at Amazon are protected by AZWDRM which means, you can not share your books with your friends. Kindle also has the ability to read unprotected books in HTML, JPG, Gif, Word-Format.
  • Blog subscriptions usually cost $ 2 a month with a 14-day free trial. However, you can browse directly to the blog using the "Basic Web" browser for free. Basically, you'll pay for RSS, but not the web.
  • Kindle has also a new search query system "Kindle NowNow" which is powered by Amazon's Mechanical Turk distributed work system, NowNow service is free.

Well, along these points, there are many other advantages of Amazon Kindle but I have just written the vital one's.

Now, here are the Bad facts:

  • No PDF-Support. The largest book format is not supported, possibly it will be included in the next version.
  • Black and White screen is fine while reading books, but magazines do need some colors.
  • Mobipocket DRM'd files will not work on the Kindle.
  • There are only two fonts: Caecilia and Neue Helvetica, both from Linotype. You can not select which font to use to read (the book texts are in Caecilia), but can select from six font sizes.
  • You will not be able to scroll down the wheel to move down the content not even on the web. You will have to use the back and forward keys in order to do so.

Regarding the matter of having negative points, the Amazon Kindle is still having more positive comments than negative, but still this product lacks at some places where it should not.

Source by Shaheryar Saleem

Ep: 31 Flashpoint DG600 Monolight: Product Review: Adorama Photography TV

Flashpoint DG600 300 w/s AC/DC Monolight

Adorama Photography TV presents the Flashpoint DG600 300 w/s AC/DC Monolight. Join Adorama TV host Rich Harrington as he tries out this powerful and affordable flash.

If you’re a new photographer who is ready to add a monolight to your kit, try this light-weight, portable, and easy-to-use light.

AdoramaTV features talented hosts including: Mark Wallace, Gavin Hoey, Joe McNally, Joe DiMaggio, Tamara Lackey, Bryan Peterson, and Rich Harrington.

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Best Resveratrol Antioxidant Advice – Dr OZ Pure Resv Review

With so many resveratrol antioxidant supplements on the market, what the HECK is the most effective brand?

Dr OZ recently reviewed some of the best and worst of resveratrol antioxidant companies on the market and it is worth noting that if you intend to use Resv to help scrub and cleanse your arteries as well as you should read this first.

A not so popular Resveratrol product available online is the "Jarver Resveratrol".

If you have already been to their site or their Amazon product page you will see that they claim each capsule of Resv contains 200mg of "pure" Resveratrol.

This is great news as doctors state that in order for Resv to really "pack a punch" you should consume between 20mg to 50mg of pure resv a day.

However, not until you receive your Resv Jarrer do you observe on the label that there is only 16mg, 8% of actual resv. This falls way below the required daily dosage, so making false claims is somewhat misleading.

That said, as Dr OZ observes on his blog, there are a number of brands which actually "do" contain approximately 150mg of "pure" resv and cost less than $ 5 for their free trial as opposed to Resveratrol Jarrer which retails at almost $ 18 ($ 16.98 + $ 0.98 shipping).

Resveratrol has really taken off of late as this is the first time the market has been able to supply the public a longevity pill which has been medicinally proven to clean your arms and rejuvenate the skin.

America and the west hold some of the worst related artery fatality statistics as a regular diet of power foods, freezer foods and fast foods has greatly attributed to this current pandemic.

Resveratrol antioxidant benefits were first discovered from medical studies which concluded that people from Okinawa and Sardinia have both the largest number of centenarians per capita with some of the lowest numbers in cancer related deaths.

In fact, if you are American, you are 86% more likely to develop some form of cancer than you would if you were born and raised in Okinawa.

This is an incredible statistic and one which should not be taken lightly.

Reports that there is now a treatment to address this health issue obviously comes as welcome news to many Americans and westerners alike, and as doctors advise, having the ability to pop a resveratrol antioxidant pill, if you need to address the state of your arms, longevity or even the glow and richness of your skin, can be more than beneficial.

Source by Rob R Carmichael

hand strap on DSLR review

Disclaimer: maybe good product for photographers who doesn’t need a plate underneath, but for filmmakers/videographers who need to attach a plate underneath, I find it out to switch batteries without hassle.

My opinion: not the best for HDSLR users for video/film.
here is the website
very cheap, but gotta pay shipping and have to wait for 3 weeks to arrive.
Personally I don’t find it too useful.
I thought it would by watching my fellow photog using, but not for me who switches batteries every hour or two with very short amount of time given.
I am selling mine now.
Let me know if you are interested.
$4 each plus shipping.

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Amazon Webstore Design

E-commerce and online marketing are very popular with brand new entrepreneurs and well established businesses. New businesses use e-commerce to lower the risks and costs involved with a business startup. They do not have to build or rent a brick and mortar storefront with displays. In a similar fashion, ongoing businesses can expand their markets without renting new storefronts.

Businesses that implement e-commerce sites with Amazon webstore services use the same software and features as Webstore by Amazon offers businesses a 1 click webstore service which will establish the initial website within minutes. Amazon also offers templates to speed up and customize the website establishment process. Amazon webstore operators also get inventory management services that allow the owners to manage their catalog products with their own naming system. Product reviews, descriptions and images can be added with ease. For certain items also sold by Amazon, businesses can access Amazon customer reviews. They can use the same shopping cart service found on Amazon. Businesses can also operate multiple webstores at no extra charge.

Amazon offers another service in conjunction with Webstore by Amazon to simplify their warehouse and inventory needs. Fulfillment by Amazon gives webstore owners the option of having Amazon complete all these services for the customer. Fulfillment by Amazon users have their inventory shipped direct from their manufacturer or wholesaler to an Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon will store the inventory in secured and climate controlled warehouses. Amazon will also receive customer orders directly and ship the purchased goods to the customer. Webstore owners do not even have to look at the inventory, much less irregular storage, handling and shipping processes. This could be a real godsend for new businesses.

Webstore owners also have the option to list Amazon products on their sites and receive a referral fee. No inventory, no shipping, no billing; just list an item and receive a fee from Amazon. This is another great feature for new businesses who typically are starting their businesses on a shoestring budget. Even ongoing businesses could use another stream of income.

In summary, Webstore by Amazon is a cost effective means for any business to set up e-commerce sites. Since Amazon pioneered online marketing and has been very successful with it, their help in setting up a new website saves businesses the time and effort of learning how to build websites from scratch.

Source by Greg G Brown

Burton Process Off Axis 2015-16 Product Review

This very special versatile park friendly all-terrain board is the perfect choice for intermediate riders who are looking for a great performing board that will take their riding to a whole new level. Designed around a twin chassis it utilises Burton’s Pure Pop Camber profile which combines traditional camber with flat sections just outside the feet and early rise tips. This gives the perfect balance of control and response with a more buttery and playful feel ensuring that whatever and wherever you ride this is one board that can handle it all. Now what makes the Process Off Axis so special when compared to the standard Process is the Off Axis element of its construction. This unique design offsets both the profile of the Squeezebox wood core and the edge protrusions from the Frost Bite edges into the correct alignment with your feet, giving increased response ensuring that reaction times are quicker and more energy goes to the right place. To take advantage of this increased performance Burton form the structural layers from torsionally stiffer tri-ax glass. This ensures that you can really take advantage of its increased response ensuring that no matter how much you push it, the board will always be a to handle it. Finally to give a fast glide the base is created from a sintered material.

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