*** NEW INFO Team Tilta is no longer the US distributor for these rigs. The new US distributor is Ikan.
Here’s their website: http://ikancorp.com/productfamily.php?id=199

A Chinese company named Team Tilta has designed a new camera rig that looks like something out of a Terminator film. On par with other top manufacturers in its build quality, it’s not just a flesh wound. Its price point kills the competition. It’s currently HALF the cost!

Tilta gear is currently not available in US stores and until recently needed to be purchased online via sites like eBay. Recently that changed because Tilta set up a direct sales referral program allowing a select number of users to purchase gear at discounted rates. If you wish to get these discounts you need to approach Tilta to become a Team Tilta member, or be invited by an existing member. Once you are a member you can invite friends to join and each time a friend purchases a Tilta product you receive a $20 credit. Team Tilta members are also able to get a one off 50% discount on a purchase if they make a brief video providing feedback on a Tilta product they have purchased. Basically this seems to be a viral marketing campaign where Tilta hopes they can raise the profile of their brand so don’t expect this kind of pricing to last forever. Currently the promotional price for the Tilta QR Baseplate is $280, the Universal Handgrips $280 and the Tilta Follow Focus $420.

*UPDATE on using the Tilta mattebox with Canon C300. Even though the mattebox has a height adjustment, it’s still slightly below center of the lens. So you will have to purchase a 15mm rail riser block and two additional short 15mm rails in order to use it with an FS100, FS700 or C300.

In order to purchase my rig I became a Team Tilta member. However, I did this review because I bought the gear, loved it and wanted to impart my thoughts about it to the online community. I believe it’s a quality product at half the cost of other name brands.

Full blog post available now on DSLR News Shooter website by Dan Chung: http://www.dslrnewsshooter.com/2012/10/14/rick-macomber-reviews-the-team-tilta-budget-shoulder-rig/

Or at: http://www.macomberproductions.com/2012/10/team-tilta-camera-rig-review/

For more info on how to become a Team Tilta member follow Team Tilta on twitter @teamtilta or contact me here on vimeo.

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