VPark 30w & MaxTank Mini Review, Giveaway & $2000 Innokin Product Raffle info

This tiny thing produces a respectable amount of clouds.r
Enter a chance to win $2000 worth of Innokin products. Also, help support a good cause for the fight against the FDAs rules, if those get finalized the vape world will suffer, thousands of people will lose jobs and small to medium businesses will be forced to shut their doors due to the enormous costs involved in getting FDA approval. r
Check out the fundraiser here: r
More info on the SFATA: r
Rules for the VPark Giveaway contest:r
Giveaway Contest Rules:r
1) You must be 18 or older to enterr
2) No subscription necessary r
3) Contest is only open to those living in the USA or its territories. Outside of the country there is a $25 priority mail charge. r
4) Two winners will be announced here and on my Facebook page once this video reaches 5,000 views. r
5) You MUST comment under this video to enter and tell me how many tiny blue screwdrivers you think there are in my glass bowl. Very inappropriate comments will not be entered.r
This contest and the raffle are in no way affiliated with YouTube or Facebookr
To purchase this mod and or tank so far the best price I found is here: r
Wholesale inquires:

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