Waterco launches crucial online resource for clients
Waterco Advance provides remote access to product information

Waterco clients will now have even easier access to product training, information and support through the launch of a new online resource, Waterco Advance.

This site will help clients to better serve their customers by providing a quicker and simpler means of delivering crucial information, including training videos, new product releases and other support information.

“Imagine a service technician going to troubleshoot a salt chlorinator,” explains Andy Gale, Waterco Product Training Manager. “The technician can bring up the page, review/refresh themselves, go to the job, and with the page still open quickly check procedures. The job is finished quickly, with no frustration, and with no calls back and forth to the shop.

“Equally, it can be a vital resource for a pool building setting up a new controller, for example. All they need to do is log in, check the procedures via the easy-to-follow images or short video, then set up and hand over the controller with minimal fuss. It saves time, money and stress!”

Designed specifically for Waterco customers, it can be accessed remotely via all devices, including laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Waterco Advance was created to help increase sales, provide instant and remote access to training material for staff (which is especially helpful when they are on the road and unable to source the information any other way) and to assist Waterco’s customers.

Users will save time, money and reduce stress, as all the product information is at their fingertips. Even full product user manuals are available to download!

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