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Empower network founders David Wood and David Sharpe You may have heard the hype, the commotion or whatever you want to call it, but the Empower Network can no longer be ignored. Now the reality is that though Empower Network formally launched on October 31, 2011 (how fortuitous) and many have stood by the watching silently to see if the Empower Network would crash and burn (as so many companies do) or prove itself to be a viable opportunity.

Why am I writing this review on the Empower Network and what value is that going to bring to your life? Great question.

What Is The Empower Network?

product image The Empower Network is NOT an MLM, or traditional top tier business opportunity. It’s actually a direct sales business model that pays 100% commissions on 4 out of 5 products they offer (more on that in just a bit).

Empower Network is a direct sales company that has five distinct products and a sales and marketing system that does the telling and selling for you.

I’ll break down what the product and company consist of next.

The actual Empower Network system is comprised of three separate parts:

A Blogging Platform (each affiliate gets one that they can personalize and blog about absolutely anything they want to)

A sales and marketing funnel (series of landing pages, sales pages to attract leads and convert visitors into new affiliates)

World class internet marketing training in primarily audio and video formats

Empower Network was designed from day one to:

1) Help people get leads (regardless of their back end business or opportunity) in a systematized way primarily through free methods like organic ranking (through blogging by leveraging the power of the company’s nine year old domain/blog platform)

2) Help people attract and convert traffic (which Empower Network teaches how to do through their production trainings)

How Does The Empower Network Work?

Empower Network logo The really interesting thing about the system and opportunity is that it allows people to have whatever ‘back end’ product or offer they want. If a network marketer wants a system to generate, attract and convert leads and learn how to do that in the most cost effective and profitable way, then the Empower Network system can do that.

If someone has a small brick and mortar business and they want to learn how to get started marketing online to promote their business, the system was designed to do that too through the myriad of training material via MP3 and video format.

What’s great is that the internet marketing training the system offers is in ‘bite-size’ pieces that even a rank beginner can understand.

Whether you are a new or seasoned internet marketer, the Empower Network business has something to offer. The marketing trainings are offered by some of the best and brightest internet marketers in the world today, and the great things is that the content is fresh, and very relevant especially in light of the Google Penguin and Panda updates this past year.

What Are The Empower Network Products?

Empower Network products are unique to the Empower Network and are a combination of both their automated sales and marketing funnels and also a premier online marketing training. Their products can be broken down like this:

1) Blogging platform
2) Sales and marketing system (to create and filter leads)
3) Internet marketing training and education

I’ll break down what each Empower network product is, what it does next…

Basic membership – Access to the viral blogging system giving you your own customized, SEO friendly (optimized for maximum search engine visibility). This is the entry point into the system and it does NOT include internet marketing training. It’s simply your initial access to use the system.

Who is this ideal for? People who want help getting their blog content more visible like small business owners wanting an extra edge over their competition or perhaps someone who simply wants to share their interests and passions with the internet world and needs help monetizing that information (how to make money online with Empower network)

inner circle product image Inner Circle membership – This is where Empower Network really begins to shine because the training and team support begin to kick in here. This is ideal for those who are absolute newbies to online marketing.

This level of membership includes a much more comprehensive plan of action to help people making $100 per sale, $100 per month residual (on going) income, all while gaining access to higher level trainings.

empower network review costa rica intensive Costa Rica Intensive Training – The Costa Rica Intensive includes over ten full hours of training in HD video format along with a workbook.

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