Why the Kindle 3 Is Better Than Any Other Ebook Reader Out There

Have you thought of getting a Kindle 3 but didn’t really know what came with it? I gotta tell you – there’s nothing like it. There are countless new features with the new Kindle 3G that aren’t on the older models that you’re sure to love.

Do you envy the lady sitting next to you at your son’s ball game with the $800 iPad in her lap? You shouldn’t, because she’s paying way more for Wifi service for that Apple toy than she’d have to pay if she had a Kindle 3.

Which brings us to the most groundbreaking feature of the Kindle 3 – 100% free Wifi!

Yes, you read that right. Wifi access and Internet browsing are completely free with the Kindle 3.

Now, I admit, that sounds hard to believe. In fact, I had to dig a little deeper into the details myself to find out exactly how Amazon made Wifi access for the Kindle free. And guess what? As it turns out, they’re being quite generous.

Here’s the thing: Amazon offers two different versions of the Kindle 3. The first is about $159 or so. That one doesn’t have free Wifi access. You’re basically just paying for the ebook reader at that point.

But for just $30 more, Amazon offers a lifetime of free Wifi access on a GSM network. That means that, wherever you go in the world, you can get free Internet wherever there’s wireless around.

So whether you go to a Starbucks, an internet cafĂ© or a hotel with a Wifi hotspot, you can always get Internet browsing wherever you are. No longer do you have to be bored while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or your daughter’s piano lesson.

Okay, so I’ve probably gushed enough about the free Internet access for the Kindle 3. Now let’s take a look at how Amazon has improved the screen for the Kindle 3 reader.

Remember how users used to complain about how much glare the Kindle 2 gave off outdoors or in direct sunlight? Well, Amazon fixed that with the Kindle 3G. Now, you can take the Kindle outside with you on the beach, at a sporting event or just hanging out on your porch and not have to contend with a crystal clear reflection of your face staring back at you when you look at the Kindle screen.

So how did Amazon pull off that one? I wondered that myself. And when I found out the explanation, it made perfect sense.

Instead of displaying objects on the screen like a computer does, with lots of shiny pixilation, the Kindle 3 displays your ebooks like… a real book. The screen isn’t a shiny white – it’s a matte white, making it look like you can reach out and touch the page you’re reading like you just ripped it out of a Charles Dickens novel.

And if you want one more reason to really love the Kindle 3, it’s the fact that it’s not a touch screen. It actually has real, raised buttons as its keyboard displayed right beneath the screen. So if you always complain that your fingers are too fat for the little buttons on your touch screen phone, you’ll at least have a real keyboard for you Kindle 3!

Source by Cameron Connery