Threelac Review by Mark Lester from The Finchley Clinic

My name is Mark Lester and I run the Finchley Clinic.
I am going to talk briefly about Threelac.
I am very restricted in what I am allowed to say by EU regulations, drafted by and implemented by officials who nobody elected and who we pay a lot of taxes to keep them in their jobs.
Anyway enough of politics; let’s get on to Threelac.
It is a friendly bacteria supplement that I introduced about 12 or 13 years ago. I was the first person selling it anywhere in the EU and I came to know about it because I was selling some other products supplied by the same company at the time.
So, during a conversation with one of their employees, I was told that they were getting remarkable feedback from people with Candida overgrowth concerns with a new product called Threelac.
This was before my company, The Finchley Clinic, was even formed and I was just selling some other products from this company to my own patients.
So, anyway I ordered a few bottles of Threelac at a time and, as it’s quite expensive, I didn’t want to go mad. I wasn’t sure whether anybody would be interested in buying it and prepared to try it.
Anyway, they did and very quickly they started to give me very good feedback on it. Many but not all of the people took it alongside another product, Oxygen Element Max.
In those days it was called Oxygen Element Plus. It is basically the same thing, which is supplied by the same supplier Global Health Trax. And when the two were taken together the results seemed to be better still.
I could talk about the health benefits of the oxygen for a lot longer, but I would like to stick with Threelac on this video.
Besides, with the oxygen I am restricted on what I am allowed to say.
So, did Threelac work for everybody? No, and I would treat claims for any product that worked for anyone with a lot of suspicion.
I have had customers phone me up saying they’d used some sort of product that was guaranteed to work; well, it didn’t, which didn’t shock me because even if it was a good product it’s not going to work for all of the people all of the time, despite some of the rather silly claims that I see.
Did Threelac help a lot of those first people I sold it to? Yes, it did; with very good results. Sometimes it was even within days, but more commonly the results were noticed after about 4 weeks. Sometimes even 8 weeks.
I have said most of what I wanted to say. Please view our web pages for more information. Again, we are limited in what we can say on the website, but we share as much as we can.
I particularly recommend reading the FAQs if you have got any questions, because 95% of the questions we are asked are answered on that page. Thank you for listening and I hope you decide to try it.

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The Supplement Stop – Body War Nutrition – Body Shred V3 Review

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